Myka Hoyer isn’t afraid of big decisions


It isn’t very hard to come to the conclusion that our physical appearance is usually the very first thing people notice about us. When meeting someone new you take notice of their clothing, their smile, their hair.

But, in high school, having been around the same group of peers day after day, the student body grows rather used to the physical appearances of the students surrounding them at school.

Yet, sometimes, students will put themselves out there and change their looks. This winter, junior Myka Hoyer completely chopped her hair. 

“It was just spur of the moment,” Myka said of her cropped hair. 

With no premeditations about her change of hairstyle, Myka did something bold that most of her classmates won’t do in their high school careers. But for her, it wasn’t that big of a deal. 

“I think I look better with [it] shorter,” Myka said matter of factly. “It’s so much easier to deal with.”

Though still rather spontaneous in nature, Myka remembered feeling a bit hesitant with the choice at first.

 “[I was nervous] a little bit,” Myka said, “but once I got [to the hair salon] I was like, ‘this is perfect.'”

Even with the initial apprehension, this type of “out there” choice seems to be typical for her, though. According to Myka’s friends, she’s exactly the type of person to make a bold decision or do something others might be too timid to attempt.

 “My friends would describe me as outgoing in certain situations,” Myka said, “and I’d like to say funny.”

Though she is outgoing enough to chop off nearly all her hair, in the long run, it’s a decision that is relatively insignificant compared to the bigger, more permanent life choices out there. 

The bigger life decisions though are also not foreign to Myka. After her time in high school is over, Myka has concluded that she would like to join the U.S. Coast Guard, which she said is “something different” than many of her peer’s futures. 

“It’s always been a good option,” Myka said of joining the Coast Guard. “I feel like it’s a smart option.

For Myka, joining the military is almost like the family business. She has parents, aunts, uncles, and even grandparents who have all made the momentous decision to serve their country in one branch of the military or another. 

In terms of choosing the specific branch of the Coast Guard to serve in, Myka said it makes sense once you understand the affinity she has for water. 

“I love the water,” Myka said. “I don’t get seasick, so [the idea of being in the Coast Guard] seems pretty nice.”

Her tendency to be around water has made itself present in her time at high school, but it started long before that. 

“I grew up just [being] a kid that liked to swim,” said Myka, who has previously been a member of the school’s celebrated rowing team. “I just love to swim.”

The family history of military service and personal attachment to being near the water naturally makes sense to mature into a desire to join the coast guard. But while others may see a jump to the military as scary, Myka isn’t shy to make bold decisions.

For her, it is all about doing something different and being true to herself, whether it be through a fresh, spontaneous hair cut or the contemplation of serving her country after graduation. If she’s being authentic and unafraid in her life endeavors, Myka is perfectly happy with her choices.

 “I’m just kind of like doing my own thing,” Myka said. “I know everyone says this, but it’s good not to always fit in with the crowd.”