My goodbye to the best and worst year of my life


Here’s the goodbye to the best and worst year of my life: sophomore year.

You were like a roller coaster constantly wavering between highs and lows. I both loved and hated you at the same time, but to be honest with you, you taught me a remarkable amount of things within nine short months.

I remember going into you so excited, I was no longer going to be the youngest of the school. I started off loving you and actually enjoying the groggy 6 a.m. morning, until I got sick of you. I became notably sleep deprived and my regular shower time became one in the morning, but that didn’t matter because mornings never seemed to end. My eyes threatened to close during each waking hour of school and all wanted to do was go home and sleep.

Although you killed me a little bit physically and mentally through schoolwork, I got to take some of the most wondrous classes I could ever imagine being a part of.

Even though APUSH constantly became my lowest grade and continued to make me believe that I was everything but intelligent, it taught me so much as a person and student. I realized that it’s okay to fail. I realized that happiness comes before schoolwork. I realized that not everything in life is having a 4.0 GPA.

I also got to become a part of The Central Trend, a family. Having Mr. George two hours in a row—for both Honors English and Writing for Publication—may have seemed a bit frightening at first, but his room soon became my favorite place in the school. Fifth and sixth hour instantly became my favorite hours of the day and were one of the main reasons why I could bring myself through the day. By joining The Central Trend, I not only grew as a writer, but I created brand new relationships with people I would not have originally talked to. I got to make new friends and I became closer with the people I had known before.

Although you might have been great sometimes, you were also horrible. 

So much has happened to me in the last nine months and I am so grateful for it.

I got some of my worst grades, encountered the biggest injury of my life, and got backstabbed many times by friends; however, it all taught me some valuable lessons. I realized it’s okay to not be the smartest person. I realized not to take the little things, such as walking, for granted. I realized that you only need a few close friends who you know you can lean on.

Overall you were a mix of emotions, but I wouldn’t have changed you for the world. So much has happened to me in the last nine months and I am so grateful for it. As crazy as it sounds, I’m going to miss failing my AP test, the late showers, and the groggy mornings.

Sophomore year, you were both amazing and horrible; you were like a racing roller coaster, constantly going up and down.