Girls JV Golf has another remarkable season, leaving the Girls Ranger Golf Program with a bright future


Alyssa and Lexi returning to the team in the 2019 season, served as a large part of the Rangers success. They led the Rangers for the most individual first-place finishes for FHC. Both girls ended with four first-place finishes and tied for first with the same score in the Belding group Jamboree, Cedar Chase Course, and Thornapple Kellogg Invitational. Lexi came in first at Boulder Creek and Alyssa at the Thornapple Pointe Jamboree. 

“The tandem of Lexi Schnelker and Alyssa Cheslek have both improved on their excellent freshmen seasons. Their consistency has been the key to our success,” said Head coach Sobieck. 

“I am really happy with my improvement from last season to this year. I view the two seasons as one large project,” said sophomore Lexi Schnelker. 

With 6 returning players from the 2018 squad, experience was on the Ranger’s side this season. After last year’s impressive season of finishing 3rd place or better at every showing, the girls JV golf team repeated their superb showing in the 2019 season. The Rangers ended their season with a resounding conference victory at the Belding Jamboree. This was their 8th win out of 11 events with an overall conference record of 56-4; clenching the conference championship by a large margin. 

“We had a phenomenal season. This group of amazing young ladies has performed wonderfully,” said Head coach Chris Sobieck.

In mid-August, the Rangers started off the season with a third-place finish at the Thornapple Kellogg Invitational. Sophomores Lexi Schnelker and Alyssa Cheslek led the Rangers shooting 53. 

Followed the Thornapple Kellogg Jamboree, the Rangers took first at the Greenville Jamboree then placed 4th on the challenging Cedar Chase Course.

The Rangers had an impressive end to their season. Starting with the Thornapple Pointe Jamboree, the Rangers went on a 4 meet first-place finish streak. The Belding Jamboree which was their last conference meet was a successful one. It was set up as a team event; their two teams placed 1st and 2nd overall. 

“They have surpassed all of my expectations,” said Head coach Sobieck.  

Seven out of the eight freshmen from last year’s squad returned for this season. In the 2018 season, only a few of the freshmen were committed.

“This year all of them have worked hard to improve and really anchored the team,” said Head coach Sobieck. 

Even after not playing much last season, sophomore Bella Wisely has made a substantial improvement among the sophomores. 

“She will most definitely be welcome on the varsity team next year and counted on heavily,” said Head coach Sobieck.

“It felt amazing to go from not playing at all, to play in every match. I exceeded more than I ever thought I could,” said Bella Wisely. 

Junior Bela Gonzalez served as a leader of the team with years of experience under her belt.

“Having one unexpected junior, Bela Gonzalez has really been a factor in our success. Her experience and leadership have really made a positive impact on the team,” said Head coach Sobieck. 

“Comparing this season from last year, we were much more serious this year. I do believe because I was super serious and focused that everyone took it seriously too,” said Bela Gonzalez 

The neophytes senior Taylor Today, freshman Serena Thiede, freshman Ashley Yarnell, and freshman Kierston Moul have played a large role in the Ranger’s success. They have also earned adequate experience as well as playing time. 

Serena Thiede led the Rangers on the Cedar Chase course and at the Coopersville invite. 

With five former players making an impact on the current varsity squad, the Lady Rangers Golf program has a bright future. 

“No doubt this group will move on and continue to improve, positively affecting FHC,” said Head coach Sobieck.