Varsity Ski team faces tough course conditions on senior night


Junior captain Abby McAlindon and sophomore Ben Taylor led the Varsity Ski team on Senior Night. This was the Ranger’s last conference meet of the season. Each skier had two runs at the Slalom. A total of 11 teams competed for the boys and girls. The boys placed 10th and the girls placed 11th. 

“The Rangers battled adverse snow conditions again on Tuesday at their final Varsity conference race,” Head coach Thomas Sabin said. 

The warm 40-degree temperatures on Sunday and Monday led to ruts on Tuesday night’s course. As the first couple of inches of snow broke away in the race line, ruts formed on the course. 

Abby placed 12th overall in the Slalom with a time of 1:05.99. Senior Cakki Mehney came in second for FHC with a time of 1:20.27. Cakki placed 43rd overall. Senior Ella Kelly placed third for the Rangers and 51st overall with a time of 1:31.23. 

With a combined time of 1:03.21, Ben placed 24th overall and first for the Rangers. Coming in second for the Rangers, junior captain Aidan O’Meara placed 35th overall with a time of 1:10.16. Sophomore Charley Mehney placed third for FHC. Charley placed 41st overall with a time of 1:15.15. 

The team spirit remained strong throughout the night, despite the unfortunate results. 

“We all became so close over the season,” Abby said.  “We were cheering for each other throughout the night and being supportive.”