Ski team celebrates Senior Night on the slopes

Ski team celebrates Senior Night on the slopes

The Forest Hills Central ski teams competed in their last regular-season race of the season. Last night was a very important race because the seniors on both the boys team and the girls team were able to end their high school careers on a high note.

For the girls team, senior captain Courtney McAlindon gave nothing but her best last night out on the slopes, placing first in both the Slalom and the Giant Slalom races. She was a key contributor in the girls team’s first-place victories in both of the events.

“I was really emotional last night, and it had been so much fun these last few years competing with the team,” Courtney said. “These last two seasons have been especially amazing because I have had my little sister (sophomore Abby McAlindon) on the team competing with me.”

Along with Courtney, senior captain Kaylee Reynolds has also been a huge factor in all of the team’s victories. Last night, Kayley placed fifth in the Giant Slalom and fourth in the Slalom, and she was the second-highest scorer on the team.

“It is really weird reaching my senior year and realizing that everything has happened so fast and is almost done,” Kayley said. “Our team is amazing and having to pass it down to Abby is great because she is such an amazing kid to hand it down to.”

Abby is finishing her second year on varsity and has made a significant impact on the team’s season so far. She placed sixth in the Slalom and eighth in the Giant Slalom, which was very helpful for the team’s final placement in the end.

For the boys team last night, the Rangers had several high-scoring races individually but weren’t able to come out with a victory last night; they placed eighth in the Giant Slalom and seventh in the Slalom.

Senior captain Noah Stout raced very well last night and was able to place thirtieth in the Giant Slalom race and twenty-ninth in the Slalom races.

“It really is bittersweet leaving the team,” Noah said. “The last four years of ski team have been unbelievable, but I’m excited to move on and see what’s next in my life.”

Along with Noah, the other team captain, senior Nathan Jenkins, had a successful night out on the slopes. Nathan placed thirty-fifth in the Giant Slalom races and twentieth in the Slalom races. Both of these seniors, Noah and Nathan, were able to place the highest for their team overall.

“I think the team did really well overall, and I am very proud of how hard we worked and improved as the season is coming to a close,” Nathan said. “I am very sad to leave the team because skiing was my favorite sport, but I think the underclassmen are very prepared to take on the challenge of being team leaders.”

All of these senior captains will be continuing with ski in their futures, whether that be at college on a club team or just for fun, they will not stop after high school.

“I am looking at a couple of colleges in Utah,” Courtney said. “I don’t know what I will be doing competition wise in skiing, but I know I will never stop doing it.”