Player Profile: Ben Taylor


Name: Ben Taylor

Grade: 10th grade

Sport: Varsity Ski

3 fun facts:

  •  He plays on drumline
  • He plays soccer
  • He’s a lifeguard at the Y
What was your favorite part about the season?
“My favorite part about the season was probably the last race of the season when a bunch of the other guys skied in shorts and no shirt for fun.”
When did you first start to ski?
“I first started skiing when I was 2, my dads been a ski patroller at Boyne highlands forever so they got me little plastic skis when I was a baby. I’ve been skiing ever since.”
What is your favorite part about being on the team and why?
“My favorite part about being on the team is the environment. We aren’t nearly as crazy intense as other teams around us and we aren’t the best, but we pride ourselves on having the most fun out on the hill. Every Monday-Wednesday I get to go hang out with my friends. We have a good time skiing while getting better at the same time. The best part is on race days in between events. We all go inside and eat a massive dinner as a team with infinite amounts of cookies, chocolate milk, and Gatorade.”
Who inspires you and why?
“Abby McAlindon definitely inspires me a lot. She’s by far the best skier on the team, yet she still constantly works super hard to get even better; at the same time, she helps everyone else be the best they can be.  She’s an amazing captain and I hope to be as good of a leader and skier as her.”