Bailey Korhorn: Youth on the Field

Bailey Korhorn has started her college journey early by already committing to University of Cincinnati as a sophomore in high school.

Bailey Korhorn: Youth on the Field

By the time spring time rolls around, high school seniors are expected to have their college plans set. As a recruited athlete, the commitment process needs to happen even sooner.

But Sophomore Bailey Korhorn is way ahead of the curve.

Korhorn, a well respected member of both the “Alliance” club team and FHC’s varsity women’s soccer team, has already committed to University of Cincinnati for soccer as of last month. However, the process wasn’t easy.

“Soccer [recruitment] is different. The process was actually really stressful as far as going to visit all the colleges and trying to find the one that fits,” Korhorn said.

FHC’s women’s varsity soccer team Coach Jeremy Stacey has no quarrels about her decision. Stacey identifies Korhorn as a “very complete” player.

“[Bailey] is very smart. She shoots well, she defends well and on top of that, she’s a good athlete in general.”

Along with the excitement of being committed this early in her high school career, Korhorn was excited about the current season and all her new teammates.

“This year’s a lot different than last year because we lost 12 seniors. But with all the young players, I feel like we could build a good program and be successful in the long run,” Korhorn said.

Stacey was also optimistic about the season looking forward and commented on the new team of girl’s energy, range of personalities and definite strengths and weaknesses, apart from the lack of experience of the young team. While the new team has created a fresh atmosphere, Korhorn remains a constant.

“Every aspect of her game has improved from last year to now,” Stacey said. “She’s got a keen sense of what she needs to do to get better at things.”

If one thing’s certain about this new team and upcoming season, it’s that these ladies are in for successful spring. As Korhorn being so sure of her future after high school, she surely is a driving force for the team, on and off the field.

“I feel more confident and more like a leader because of my early commitment”