Netflix’s new series Love is Blind was a shocking success


It seems as though it has become a common trend in recent years for TV shows to be focused around finding someone’s “true love.” 

While ABC has produced wildly popular series’ including The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and Lifetime decided to join in with their lesser-known Married at First Sight, Netflix figured it was their turn to jump in on this trend and introduce their new match-making show Love is Blind.

Because the only experience that I have had with these types of shows is a few lackluster seasons of Married at First Sight, my expectations were quite low for Netflix’s new spin on helping people find their matches.

The rundown of the show goes that multiple people of both genders are split into two different living quarters, and on each day, they cycle through pods and talk to the person across from them. However, the catch is that the two people are unable to see one another. This means that they have no idea what the other person looks like and have to fall in love with their personality rather than their looks.

Within the first episode, I was pleasantly surprised at how addicting this show became. 

There were around twenty people of each gender in this “experiment,” and I had figured that it would get quite confusing having to juggle who was who. However, there were only around six different couples that the series focused on.

What I was most surprised about with this series was how intriguing it was to me to see how much of an impact this type of experiment had on people.

Because they are unable to see the other person, they may have made an emotional connection, but if they don’t like the face that is stuck to the personality, then the relationship they made may crumble down.

While I won’t give names, as that will ruin a part of the show, there is a couple in particular that had this type of problem.

At first, the two fell instantly in love with one another after only talking, not face-to-face for a few days. When he proposed to her and they finally were able to see each other for the first time, that love nearly fell apart. 

Because of their situation, they have to figure out if they will get married even if they are not physically attracted to one another, which is where the drama in the show takes place.

Overall, the show left me with minimal complaints except for one: the show lacked a focus on some of the couples while they talked in the pods.

For some, the show focused on many of the couple’s conversations, making the viewer more connected to their relationship. However, for others, they never showed their discussions from the very beginning and never revealed the chemistry they had until right before the proposal.

While the show has minor flaws, Netflix’s Love is Blind was an astonishing success that I am sure any Bachelor or Bachelorette fan would eat up.