Forest Hills Sophs Lead a Field Hockey Comeback Against Dearborn


With about 10 minutes remaining in the second half, the Forest Hills girls varsity field hockey team trailed 1-0. FH found themselves in this situation before against EGR.

Drawing on that previous comeback performance, sophomores Madisyn Bunke, Emma Dodson, and Madison Bruno stepped up. Madisyn passed to Madison for the first goal. With six minutes left the FH team scored the winning go-ahead goal on a tap-in by Madisyn from Emma.

“The sophomores are definitely an incredibly good part of the team,” head coach Andrea Shaner said. “We are lucky to have them.”

Madisyn said she was very happy with the team, the comeback and the win. Madisyn and the other impactful sophomores know they are part of a much larger team as well. This team is led by Shaner who’s tactical adjustments helped turn the tide into FH’s favor. She changed her team’s formation and personnel around halftime leading to the eventual comeback.

“We felt like [our game plan] wasn’t neccesarily working for us,” Shaner said. “We decided to change things around. We pulled someone from the forward line and added someone to our mids so we had five mids out. I felt like that was a little bit better for us.”

The change paid off as the scoreline ended in a 2-1 home win for FH. Shaner still believes that there are multiple areas of the team that can improve. She believes the team needs to work on spacing and defensive play and knows they can improve on these aspects of the game in the coming weeks. Otherwise, she is very happy with her team’s performance and has high aspirations for her team.

“I am hoping that we are going to make it to the state championship game,” Shaner said. “I really believe we are one of the top three teams in Division II.”