Memories from RGSO seniors


Aspen Strauss: “My favorite memory from being part of RGSO is forming such a good bond with my team and having dance battles at our camp retreat. For the underclassmen, I just want to say don’t take anything for granted and don’t complain when you have practice or anything because being able to play for your school and wear the Ranger gear is a privilege you can’t take for granted because you never know when your last game is truly your last.” 

Jordan Helmbrecht: “One of my favorite memories from being a part of RGSO was probably when we won regional finals. It was a surreal moment; we were all just celebrating together in the moment, and it was proof of all our hard work paying off. There’s nothing better than celebrating with the RGSO squad. My advice to the underclassmen is to just keep kicking butt. You guys are all phenomenal players and amazing people, and just keep doing what you are doing.” 

Kaylyn Whitten: “I think one of my favorite RGSO memories is when we went to the team retreat last year and we did this little talent show to start off the weekend. We all got into random groups and put together little skits and dances, and we all just laughed and had a really good time. As far as advice for the underclassmen, I would definitely just encourage them to treat every moment on the field with their friends as a gift and to be thankful for every moment as part of the program. Obviously with everything going on, it’s just made me realize how thankful I am for the time I did get, and I would encourage them to do the same.” 

Ally Francisco: “My favorite memory from RGSO was definitely our run in the state playoffs last season. The team came together like never before off the field which made us so dominant on the field. I believe having such a successful season and being called the ‘underdogs’ and proving people wrong was truly special as well. My advice to the underclassmen would be to enjoy every second that you get to represent our school and take pride in it because you are representing one of the best communities.”  

Ella Kelly: “One of my favorite memories from RGSO is winning Regionals junior year because of how exciting it was and how happy everyone was afterward. My advice for younger players is to have fun and enjoy the time you have playing with your team because you never really know when the last time playing with them will be.” 

Kelsey Toole: “One of my favorite memories from being on RGSO was beating Northern last year at home to win the conference; the team had so much energy and was so supportive. My main advice for the underclassmen is to not take being able to play soccer for granted. RGSO is such an amazing program and you should pull everything you have into it in order for you and your team to succeed, but at the same time, making sure to have fun while doing it.”