The misconception of baseball


Dating back to the early 1800s, Baseball has stood as one of the most recognized and respected sports in America. The simple, yet complex nature of the sport has served as a form of entertainment for nearly two centuries. Despite this widespread success and appreciation, the sport of baseball has received unnecessary amounts of backlash and hatred for these exact reasons. Regardless of the historical significance and popularity of baseball, some individuals feel the need to minimize the tremendous skill that goes into it. 

To start, Major League Baseball has the second greatest international population of any professional sport in America, with over twenty-eight percent of players being born outside of the USA. This incredible percentage showcases the authenticity of the league. The opportunities that are presented by the sport of baseball for foreign players outweigh those of every other American sport. Just like you might see in soccer or basketball, these players have an additional chance to represent their home country in international events such as the International Baseball Classic (IBC) and several other competitive invitationals. This supports players in creating success for themselves from playing in the MLB while also not straying away from their personal roots. The endless possibilities of playing baseball in America alone are enough to prove the sport as equal to the most greatly-respected sports in our country.

With its slow and methodical constitution, those who do not examine baseball closely may jump to conclusions, describing it with words such as boring, uneventful, and dull. While baseball may not meet the mindset of ultra-aggressive football or hockey player, the sheer skill and ability that is required to compete at a high level simply cannot be depreciated. Apart from having the highest-paid players, the mechanics and fundamentals of baseball can be nearly impossible to master. When a player is batting, they have under one second to react and swing. Keep in mind that the player also has to decide whether to swing or not in this split-second. After the decision to swing is made, the hitter must exert 85% of their body force and contort the body in ways that resemble no other sport known today. If the swing is on time and on-target, then contact with the ball will be made. This entire process occurs every pitch; the average number of pitches thrown per game is nearly one hundred and fifty. While it does not display stereotypical athleticism, the sport of baseball does not lack complexity or difficulty. 

The history of baseball and the admiration for the sport have earned it the name “America’s Pastime.” Even though the sport of baseball does not possess traditional athletic requirements, the nature of the game has turned into baseball into a battle of strategy and tactics. While many people tend to lecture about the slow pace, there are many aspects of baseball that demand tremendous athletic ability, intelligence, and technique in order to succeed.