Chloe Bergsma’s last year playing travel soccer for Midwest United FC


Midwest United FC is a large travel soccer club in the area and is home to many of Forest Hills Central’s soccer players. By playing for Midwest, you can travel all over the country from the Carolinas to California. Travel soccer is a huge commitment and acts like a job for its participants, but it is like a family and each team becomes so close over the years. One of these players is senior Chloe Bergsma, and her senior year for Midwest has been quite a ride so far. From this, Chloe has endured the fear of season cancellation due to COVID-19, the bittersweet feeling of being a senior, and a surprise injury. 

How long have you been playing travel soccer and how did you begin playing?

“I started playing travel soccer when I was seven years old, so I have been playing soccer for over ten years. I started to play soccer because my older brother Xaver was playing.”

Were you excited when the news came out that fall sports were able to continue? 

“Yes I was super excited to be able to play my last year at Midwest.” 

How does it feel that it is your last year? 

“I am very sad that this is my last year. Playing for the club has been a great experience and I have had several amazing years of competitive soccer.”  

How did you get injured and what was your injury? 

I was at a practice and while we were scrimmaging, I went into a tackle and my ankle gave out on me. I thought I was fine but then I wasn’t able to put pressure on it. We went to the doctor soon after and found out that I had a grade three sprain. This injury takes longer than a fracture to recover from, and when I heard this I had mixed emotions.”  

How did you feel when you got injured? 

“I was very frustrated when I got injured, I thought I would be able to play again in a week but when I got home I saw how bad it really was. I was unable to walk on it for a week and then had a walking boot for the next three weeks. When I heard that I couldn’t play for six weeks I didn’t know what to do; soccer has been such a huge part of my life and I didn’t want to stop playing especially since it is my last year.”  

Now that you are on the mend, are you ready to get back at playing? 

“I am back I have been super excited to play! Since I haven’t been able to play for a while I am a bit behind, but I am doing my best to try and get back as fast as I can. My ankle still isn’t 100%, but I believe I can be back on the field with my team soon. 

How has this injury affected you? 

“Having an injury really taught me about patience and I know now to not take things for granted. This was my first major injury and I am lucky to be able to play within two months. My determination and focus to getting back really helped with the healing process, if I gave up and gave in to being sad I would still be trying to recover.”