Messi against Ronaldo: the thirteen year rivalry

Mason Corcoran

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On October 28, 2020, two of soccer’s greats were anticipated to clash one last time in the Champions League featuring Barcelona against Juventus. The Champions League is one of the top soccer leagues in the world, and teams from over 30 countries participate. What makes the Champions League such an interesting thing to watch, is the fact that it is the best teams from all kinds of different countries around the world competing for a singular goal: a Champions League title.

Both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo started playing professional soccer in their teenage years and have been competing against each other for their whole careers to attempt to out shine the other. Together, the two have won almost every important title in professional soccer. Ronaldo has 5 titles in the Champions League and Messi has four, also, Messi has one an outstanding six Ballon D’ors and Ronaldo has won an incredible five. The Ballon D’Or is the equivalent to the MVP of European soccer and is the most prestigious individual award a player can win. 

The last time the two greats met in the Champions League was eight years ago. Between 2008 and 2018, the two stars battled it out on the field 35 times during that ten year period, and Lionel Messi was victorious sixteen times to Cristiano Ronaldo’s ten wins with the rest of the matches resulting in a tie. Both players have proved time after time they are the backbone of their team. They show how much of an impact they make beyond the statistics of goals and assists, as they continue to play into their late thirties, their knowledge of the game at the top level for so long is what they contribute the most to their teammates.

However, on October 13, the news of Ronaldo testing positive for Covid-19 shocked the world. This news meant that Ronaldo would have to sit out against Barcelona and soccer fans would have to wait and hope that the two would match up again in the foreseeable future. Following the Juventus star having to sit out, Barcelona and Lionel Messi were able to comfortably secure the win 2-0. Fans around the world now hope for a rematch between Barcelona and Juventus in the knockout round of the Champions League tournament, just to be able to see these two greats play against each other one last time.