3 fast takes from the recent week of sports


1. Clemson has been dethroned – After the Fighting Irish’s victory over the Clemson Tigers on Saturday, Notre Dame has blazed a clear path towards the College Football Playoff. In fact, they don’t have to go up against a top 25 ranked team until their expected appearance in the ACC Championship game. Out of all their future matchups, Boston College is probably their most uphill battle; yet, uphill is a bit of an overstatement when it comes to the outlook of that Boston College game. If Ian Book is able to mirror his electrifying performance in the last drive of regulation against Clemson, then there is a solid chance that Notre Dame dances into January as a contender for the National Championship. The only restraint holding the Fighting Irish back is Tommy Rees’s inconsistent pass attack.

2. Lewis Cine and Kyle Pitts collided for a massive hit – On Saturday, Lewis Cine took the word soft out of the equation of football when he dismantled Florida wide receiver Kyle Pitts. The hit itself was gruesome enough, but the fact that Cine stood up from the hit as if he just woke up from a power nap was even more startling. Even though Cine initiated the impact, Pitts did lower his head to meet Cine’s and might have exacerbated the force of the hit. No matter who did what, a one-game suspension should be enforced for Lewis Cine’s ultimate violent stunt against Pitts. Both players have luckily not been listed as injured by any of the medical staff. 

3. Miami found their poster boy – After a lackluster first outing, Tua Tagovailoa spiraled the football for a gutsy game against the 5-2 Cardinals. In a duel of the future, Tua threw for 248 yards and two total touchdown passes. The only barrier that stands in the way of a historical Miami playoff trip is a mobile quarterback like Kyler Murray. Because the dolphins stick to a man-to-man coverage system, Murray ran for a prolific 106 yards without many hits inflicted on his smaller body. Based on the rest of their tough schedule, their playoff hopes rest in the hands of their defense’s ability to score the ball and their offense’s ability to not screw anything up; Miami might just be a possible sleeper for this year’s open Wild Card race.