With Thanksgiving fast approaching, FHC shoppers begin looking forward to Black Friday deals


Freshman Carlee Cumming is a shopping buff. She has been waking up early to snag the best deals since she was ten-years-old. She would venture out with her Mom and Grandma and hunt for bargains in downtown Chicago. 

The end of November is typically known for the aroma of turkey sizzling in the oven and slabs of butter melting into a liquid puddle in mashed potatoes. However, for students like Carlee, Thanksgiving is nearly overshadowed by a day overflowing with shopping bags, piles of discounted clothing, and receipts—Black Friday.

“We start [walking and go into] some of those stores,” Carlee said, “but we don’t go into [stores] like Ugg or Louis Vuitton.”

According to Carlee, designer stores typically don’t have any sales that significantly knock down the price to make them more affordable than they usually are, so she doesn’t bother bargain hunting there. 

Carlee is a massive fan of shopping. She purchases goods year-round—typically on Amazon—but always looks forward to the day known for its great deals. 

“[One of my favorite stores for Black Friday shopping is] Lululemon,” Carlee said. “That is always the one day a year that they have the best deals.” 

Due to COVID, she is planning on only shopping online. Carlee feels disappointed since it is tradition to go shopping in-person—it won’t have the same satisfaction as holding the newfound treasures in her hands. 

One of Carlee’s best friends, freshman Letizia Cumbo-Nacheli, shares the same enthusiasm for the deals Black Friday brings. She has been a Black Friday fanatic since she was nine-years-old. 

Letizia is quite passionate about always finding the best deals, even if it means she has to trek across the country. She has even gone so far as to hunt for the best deals all over the world. 

“In France, we got twenty berets for five bucks and we [also] got twenty mini Eiffel towers for ten cents each,” Letizia said. “I got a pair of Vans for ten bucks; they weren’t even off-brand.”

The deals in France were a stroke of luck. Letizia happened to be visiting family when she stumbled upon the deal that was too glorious to pass up. 

While scrounging for exquisite deals, neither girl has encountered any Black Friday horror stories. Although, Letizia had to argue with a woman once for a pair of jeans while Carlee has heard a few “Karens” squabble in checkout lanes. 

Both girls are equally ecstatic about the sales in a store particularly known for their strong fragrances and fantastic deals. Bath and Body Works isn’t the only store with an impressive array of sales for Black Friday. 

“The thing to know [from a consumer perspective] is that the businesses are doing this because they are hoping you won’t only buy things that are on sale,” said Kristen O’Brien, the business teacher at FHC. “[They are hoping] that you are going to buy other things that are going to be full-priced.”

This is because Black Friday is a chance for businesses that are in debt to gain back a profit. It’s a great way for them to combat a year’s worth of debt—or gain more distance from the ominous possibility—within a few hours of sales. Luckily, for business owners, huge sales are a significant draw for consumers who assume that every discount is saving them. 

“The Black Friday deals are to hook you in,” said O’Brien. “[They are] to get you to buy other things, too, while you’re there.”

These deals cause the consumer to spend more than they expected to. They, of course, are getting a deal of some sort—just not to the extent that they had originally believed. 

This can be combated as well. Experienced Black Friday veterans, such as Carlee and Letizia, have emphasized the importance of planning before venturing out into the madness. 

“You have to make a plan before you go,” Letizia said. “Write down which stores you [plan on] going to.” 

A wardrobe that is comfortable and is easy to change in and out of is very important,  along with sneakers that will allow you to run without the risk of it sliding off of your foot. 

“[Some extra advice] for everyone,” Letizia stated, “[is] stay away from the jeans that I want this year.”