3 fast takes from the recent week of sports


1. College football proves to have some top 25 imposters – Throughout Saturday, teams like Marshall, BYU, and Louisiana all had chances to move along towards nationwide recognition with convincing wins. The only team out of those three above to win was Louisiana. Yet, they even struggled to win by more than a touchdown against Appalachian State amid some special teams blunders. BYU and Marshall faced a totally different fate. BYU missed the last step towards a New Year’s Six bowl game by losing to another team outside of the Power 5 in Coastal Carolina. Marshall, on the other hand, didn’t even play a team close to Coastal Carolina’s quality, as they were beaten down by a 2-2 Rice team that was seen as a mere speed bump towards an impressive bowl game. After I witnessed all of these less-than-impressive performances from these ranked teams outside the Power 5, I really started to understand why many teams want to put an asterisk beside this 2020-2021 season. The fact is that many of those teams would be ranked behind most Power 5 teams in a normal season.

2. Another NBA trade rocks the world – Once Adrian Wojnarowski hit the button to tweet out the news of the Westbrook-Wall trade, NBA analysts went into a series of rants. Even though I am not an NBA analyst, I still feel as if I need to use my small platform to make my voice heard: the trade made the Wizards look smart and the Rockets look absolutely dumb. I personally thought that Stephen Silas and his staff wanted to find a more compatible pair with Westbrook; however, they instead sought after a player that also needs the ball in his hands just as much as Westbrook. I could be wrong, but I think that John Wall was put on this earth to have a basketball in his hands at the point guard position. And with James Harden on the same team, he definitely won’t be able to do that as much as he has been used to in his NBA career with the Wizards. Until I see the Rockets truly contend in the playoffs for an NBA title, this trade will always loom over my head as a poor choice.

3. The mystery of the Patriots – I remember when I thought that the Patriots were going to have an awful record below .500 this season because of how bad their offense looked like during the earlier parts of the season. On Sunday, the Patriots resounding 45-0 win over the Chargers put those doubts to rest. No matter how cliche it might sound, the Patriots really did win on every front of the game: offense, defense, and special teams. Their offensive production might not show up in the individual stat lines, but they have found ways to score through special teams and defense in the past few weeks. If they continue their quest towards a playoff berth, then Belichick easily wins Coach of the Year in my book.