She is an optimist


Tim Hargis

Me in 2011 on my way to graduate from preschool.

There are always two sides to every situation: the good and the bad. 

She always chooses to look at the good.

If someone were to tell her that she would be spending the day watching paint dry, she would say, “Oh fun, what color?”

If someone gave her a glass and told her it is empty, she would respond with, “Well, at least someone had something to drink.”

She is an optimist.

She adores the sound of rain hitting her roof, even if it meant her plans are going to be canceled. It doesn’t matter; she loves to dance in the rain.

She feels guilty for the most absurd things. For example, she found a twenty-dollar bill on the floor at Meijer. Feeling iniquitous, she slipped the bill into her coat pocket. She even observed her surroundings to see if anyone was searching for it. Oh well, she can save it for something that she hopes to own in the future.   

Far too many times, she let herself get her hopes up higher than she can handle, only to be devastated as an outcome.”

She is a dreamer.

She projects her personality on everything. Her bedroom walls, her phone, her Airpods case, her clothes, her bedding, her nail polish, her shoes; they all have her favorite color.

It is her favorite color because it has been her mother’s favorite color for years, and it is, as she describes it, a “happy color,” which is perfect for an ultimately joyful person.

She is yellow.

Her way of looking at things hasn’t always been an advantage. Far too many times, she let herself get her hopes up higher than she can handle only to be devastated as an outcome. She is now hesitant to get excited over things in fear that she will get let down.

She is worried that people won’t agree with her point of view. Fearfully, she ponders over the fact that she might be “too happy” or “too buoyant” and that people will reject her.

She is an overthinker. 

She’s been broken more times than she would care to admit. It could be a TV show that she is far too invested in. It could be something in her life she lost that has been a part of her for years. Whatever it is, she has never failed the act of showing emotion.

People have told her that she cries too much and that it isn’t appealing. So, she tries to hold it in. She bottles her emotions up, but each attempt is futile.

She is sensitive.

She doesn’t relish looking at her optimism as a weakness—she views it as one of her greatest strengths that will forever be with her. She will forever be enthusiastic. She will forever be a dreamer. She will forever be a teddy bear. She will forever be yellow.

She will forever be an optimist.