Inside the Ring: Jake Paul turned pro boxer?

Cam Roth

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As one of the most well-known influencers on the internet, Jake Paul is no stranger to controversy.  Since his first appearance on Vine alongside his older brother Logan, Jake has been able to amass over 20 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 7 billion total views. 

After producing obnoxious and over the top content for years, it’s no question how he developed such a negative reputation among parents and other influencers. 

In the beginning years of his youtube channel in 2016, Jake was most well known for his partying with Team 10 friends. In addition to the fed-up LA neighbors of Jake, millions of parents of children who watch his content are furious.  

The younger Paul brother has built an amazingly large and young audience around his problematic and obnoxious antics. Jake has been accused on multiple accounts of trying to convince children that education doesn’t matter and that they can just become a YouTuber like him. Additionally, roughly 50% of his content consisted of him trying to convince his audience to buy something. Possibly the worst offense of his was Edfluence. This was a startup by Jake that promised fans could learn how to become influencers if they followed along with the class. As long as the credit card was still in the system after a $7 entry fee, children were able to continue unlocking more sections of the course without requiring extra permission to purchase. This became extremely problematic when the children taking the course didn’t realize they were racking up charges on their parents’ card. 

For Jake, his vilified reputation has led to staggering success and popularity. After some time, he made a realization that the more controversial his content, the more views it would drive. This mindset was taken to an entirely new level when he decided to enter the scene of boxing. 

In a sport that thrives off of rivalries and trash-talking, Jake was able to fit in with relative ease. In January of 2020, Jake was able to find his first official win over AnEsonGib via a knockout in the first round. His second step forward in the boxing world came with the knockout of former NBA star Nate Robinson, who Jake knocked out during their fight in November. 

As of late, however, the rebellious Paul brother has infuriated a massive majority of boxing fans by deciding to call out the UFC legend Connor McGregor, to which Connor has yet to officially accept or decline.

Jake has made many decisions in hopes to advance his boxing career, including the decision to leave LA to minimize distractions. Many believe that Jake will end up being more suited for life as a boxer, given his past. However, if he hopes to gain respect and the recognition he thinks he deserves, he needs to claim responsibility for the immature lifestyle that he lived before and move on.