“Good Days” by SZA is an absolute masterpiece


I truly believe my car stereo is minutes from exploding, and SZA is the one to blame. To be more specific, “Good Days,” her new single, is the true culprit. 

However, do not be mistaken, I could not thank SZA enough for blessing my ears with this unmatched level of greatness within a song. 

“Good Days” starts off with the most beautiful, angelic melody as it brings me into a world of imagination. Right as I think it couldn’t get any better, SZA throws her out-of-this-world voice into the harmony.

The whole overarching meaning of this song is about looking forward to—hence the title—good days. It is about looking to the future with a hopeful, optimistic mindset, but at the same time, SZA brings in aspects about the “wars in her mind.” Additionally, she discusses her ex-lover and how their relationship has affected her in the best way possible.

“I don’t miss no ex, I don’t miss no text, I choose not to respond,” is one of the lines that truly emphasize what this song is surrounding: feminism. 

Similar to a lot of songs, feminism is incorporated but blatantly obvious because it is a very important topic in today’s day and age. But, with SZA’s creativity and excellence, she did indeed incorporate feminism but in a hidden way. With many of the verses, she is hinting at how her ex made her a better person and how she is finally living for herself and herself only. Through her music, SZA is inspiring and encouraging women out there to live futuristically and not for their past.

After obsessing over “Good Days,” I’ve dug deeper into her division of the music industry because I simply cannot get enough of her voice. ”

Yet another example of innovation is when SZA sings “half of us layin’ waste to our youth, it’s in the present.” Her genius lyrics are deeper than they seem; every word has an inexplicable definition behind it. 

On top of the brilliant lyrics and themes, SZA’s voice makes this song absolutely addicting. From the first moment I pressed play a few days after it was released into the public eye, I am still religiously listening to “Good Days.” No matter what mood, atmosphere, or time, it’s always a fitting idea to open Spotify and click my “most listened to” song. 

Quite honestly, I had never paid much attention to SZA’s music before “Good Days”—it’s quite embarrassing actually. It’s embarrassing that my music taste has never found my way to her until now. I’ve only ever heard her name next to the word “featuring” on a song or album. However, when I think back on it now, I have always been curious as to whom this insane voice belonged to; and today, I am ever so thankful that I made that discovery.

I can now proudly call SZA one of my favorite artists. After obsessing over “Good Days,” I’ve dug deeper into her division of the music industry because I simply cannot get enough of her voice. 

Generally, it’s somewhat of a challenge to write a review on one song; only a couple of minutes tune for a wordy review is hard. Nonetheless, conducting an opinionated piece on a four-minute and thirty-nine-second from SZA song was a breeze. Her comforting voice and corresponding background music truly are the factors that make this song an immaculate success and an overall phenomenal piece. 

“Good Days” does a full 180. The same heavenly harmony makes a debut once again to close out this masterpiece of a song; it’s like a journey I never want to return from. I could not praise SZA enough for the decision to release “Good Days” on December 25th—it was an unexpected Christmas present that made the last bit of my 2020, and the first bit of my 2021, so extremely wonderful.