Freshman retreat is a great start

Freshman retreat is a great start

Krystal Koski , Staff Writer

Each year during the early days of September, FHC seniors travel to a retreat in order to bond with their class before parting ways. The infamous senior retreat is a turning point for the student body as they become united for their last year at FHC. However, even though seniors are filled with joy as they forge new relationships with their classmates, they regret their isolated friend groups as they realize they have missed out on truly phenomenal people. The phrase “I wish I had known them when I was a freshman,” is frequently heard throughout the halls in the days following the retreat. No matter how close the students become during the trip, one final year together just isn’t enough. This year, the freshman class has the chance to establish relationships with their classmates in order to become more unified as a grade.

On November 16, the freshman class is traveling to Camp Henry along with the senior Connect Captains. The goal is to build a foundation for healthy, strong, relationships; therefore, their journey through high school can be more enjoyable and cooperative. One of the main reasons FHC is implementing this new retreat is the remorseful feelings of the seniors after having only one year as a truly integrated class.

This freshman retreat is a phenomenal idea, and frankly, I wish I was going on the trip myself. In high school, students are learning who they are, and having people to lean on can be a major game-changer. High school is hard enough without the constant fear of not fitting in. By giving the freshman the opportunity to bond with their class, FHC is providing a chance to have an easier and more enjoyable high school experience.

Although the results of the freshman retreat will surely be a success, as a sophomore I am jealous of the opportunity the class below me is receiving. FHC shouldn’t just be focusing on the freshman and senior classes’ abilities to work together, but instead look at each and every grade. If each year each class went on an excursion to build relationships and learn more about other students, not only would each class be stronger, but the whole school would be united, too. The four years students spend at FHC should be spent enjoying classmate’s company, not dreading the days spent with people that seem intolerable. The freshman retreat is a great start to furthering class bonding, however each class should be presented with the same opportunity to work with their classmates in order to make FHC a more united and supportive school.