Ariana Grande’s documentary “Excuse Me, I Love You” gave me a backstage pass to the Sweetener world tour

Promo photo of Excuse me, I Love You on Netflix

Promo photo of “Excuse me, I Love You” on Netflix

“Excuse me, um, I love you” is an iconic lyric stolen from one of Ariana Grande’s songs from Sweetener (R.E.M.) to be the title of the hottest new documentary out there.

Netflix’s Excuse Me, I Love You dives deep into Grande’s 2019 Sweetener world tour. The producers hand-picked each of her best performances from every toured destination and mashed them into an hour-and-a-half of pure entertainment. As a bonus, they also included individual interviews, behind-the-scenes rehearsals, and special moments between Grande and her team.

The documentary starts with a dramatic, black and white entrance of Grande belting out the first song on her album: “Raindrops (An Angel Cried).” Grande is confidently strutting towards the stage in a slow-mo manner as the screams of thousands of fans provide the background noise. This scene itself is preparing for what’s to come: a glamorous, iconic, flashy reflection of a world tour that left Arianators starstruck.

Me being an Arianator myself, I was eager for more.

They started off with no hesitation; “God Is A Woman” is the first song to hit the stage. Grande and her backup dancers are dressed elegantly in a variety of costumes that compliment each individual. The pink strobe lights striking down on the stage make these costumes look so professional and so elegant—perfect for setting the tone of what’s in store for the audience. 

Every note is hit, every dance move is slayed—it feels like I’m in the very front row of seats in Albany. 

Next, interviews of Grande’s dancers and choreographers are shown talking about how ecstatic, proud, and blessed they are to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the extensive amount of love that Grande has for her team is so clear. In the dance rehearsals, it is obvious that every single person on set is eager for success which is shown through their work ethic. Every dancer is practicing as if they were performing, and being a dancer myself, I know that is a critical characteristic to have in order to put on a satisfactory show.

The documentary makes sure to include all of the laughs and special moments they share as a family; it is distinct that the chemistry between them all is raw and real, and that chemistry makes for amazing, healthy relationships that push them all to the best of their abilities.

The opening night of the Sweetener world tour is in Albany, New York in a sold-out arena. The nerves and overwhelming spirit of the crowd are allowing the dancers, directors, and Grande herself to get in the zone of performing. Personally, I love how Excuse Me, I Love You is not at all sugar-coated, showing the truth behind the stage lights.

Moments before the cast takes the stage, they circle up and all place a hand in the middle. They then go around one by one and announce what they’re grateful for and why—it’s really a touching moment. 

Afterward, they take the stage and execute the first performance. That initial success makes for a great and successful show. The documentary then parades every performance one after another with no stops in between. Every note is hit, every dance move is slayed—it feels like I’m in the very front row of seats in Albany. 

However, Excuse Me I Love You isn’t all perfection. I would have loved to see more backstage moments; the majority of this documentary is simply just Grande performing her songs from Sweetener on stage. As much as I adore watching the intricate, glimmering, powerful performances, I would have appreciated if the producers incorporated more behind-the-scenes footage because those moments made me feel like I was part of the family they built. Thousands of fans got the privilege of attending this tour live in 2019; therefore, many have already seen these exact performances, hence why I think more never-before-seen footage should’ve been fused within.

Despite the lack of my wish, Excuse Me I Love You gave Netflix-watchers every minute of every phenomenal performance put on by Grande and her cast. Some of the best moments were when Grande held out her microphone to the audience, and you could hear the echo of thousands of voices reciting her lyrics back to her. It shows the ups and downs of performing, but also the touching moments that happen off-camera. This documentary encompasses Grande’s sweet, loving, and caring soul and the undeniable passion that she has for her career. Excuse Me I Love You gives a rare inside scoop of the Sweetener world tour and leaves me dying to attend Grande’s next concert.