FHC Football: By the Numbers

FHC Football: By the Numbers

0-Lowell losses this season

1-FHC wins against Lowell in the last 17 years

2-FHC losses this season

3-FHC wins by more than 25 points

4-Interceptions by the Rangers interception leader Sal Sidebotham

5-Total points the Rangers have lost by in their two losses

6-Rangers were named all conference

7-Rushing touchdowns by  the Rangers three main running backs (Collins,Deines,Doolittle)

8-Playoff wins all time by FHC football

9-FHC wins this season, all by double digits

10-Rushing touchdowns by quarterback Tanner Hallock

11-FHC all time wins against Lowell

12-Touchdowns by junior wide receiver Bryce Clay

13-FHC wins from 2012-2015 (FHC already has 9 this season)

14-Consecutive FHC losses to Lowell

15-Total playoff games all time for FHC counting the game this Friday