And the kingdom will crumble at her hands

it has to be like this


beautiful in simplicity

heart racing, fingers dancing


and in a way she’s been avoiding


but how else,

to capture the epitome of youth


how else to say

that they are queens

flowing gowns and royal thrones


drinking in the colors of the sunset

drunk on the sweet sips of change


and there’s an aching in her chest

a desire for more

when she’s already overflowing


she wonders how far it can go

before she’s lost in their rapturous game

reckless like she’s never been before


not so beautiful

not so rare


for now, she’s high on the dust of the stars


on the secrets of stormy nights


on the faint thrill of living vicariously


but only until she takes it too far

and it all starts crumbling

like the porcelain walls

of an ancient ethereal city


and she is the arbiter of destruction

fallen like an angel