Little things held by my mind seem to belong to the water


With every crashing wave, I feel the little pinches of the sun.

With every one of the sun’s rays, I feel the warmth of the little laughs we share.

With every joke, I feel the unconditional love that surrounds my every thought.

With every little disappointment and large accomplishment, I am broken and built up again into the person that stands at the edge of the water on a Monday afternoon.

Everything feels like one big coincidence, and the only reason I stand with the breeze brushing through my hair is that the stars aligned just so.

Little things drift through my fingertips, and I let go of all the worries and feed the fish with a day’s worth of anxiety.

Small actions have brought me before a lake so large that one small accident seems like a speck on a whale’s back.

My entire life means everything and nothing all at once as the sand grabs onto the coconut tanner that feeds a long-awaited ego boost.

The year comes to an end, but right now, everything starts again.

With every seagull’s call I feel a part of me let go, and I find myself remembering how insignificant a small worry can be.

While growing up, the beach was a place of sand and hugs from the sun; it’s now a place full of worry and hate, all in the best way.

I let go of every inconvenience, negative comment, and stressor at Michigan’s waters and watch as the waves take them away.

While everything is calm, the water is full of backhanded compliments, little laughs, and sweet revenge.

Looking out onto a blue paradise, I would only assume that my worries could only sink while my happiness swims.

I can let go and let the school year linger behind me while I finish my final weeks of hard work and determination.

I sit on the waterfront thinking about only one thing: summer.

Summer swims around my mind like a wish I hold onto so dearly, and while I let go of everything else, I make sure to hold onto that thought.

Everything becomes so carefree at Grand Haven’s long beaches and if I only I could stay to whisper white lies into a lake of peace and tranquility.

While I sit in a classroom, writing notes and finishing what I started, I think about the sweet scent of beach that keeps me motivated.

The beach that reminds me to let go of every inconvenience.

The beach that set the little things free onto smooth waters and sweet sailing.