FHC Baseball: Moving Forward

After experiencing a transitory season, coaches and players speak about moving forward with the future of FHC baseball.

Jake Standerfer
Jake Standerfer

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Four freshman starters.

This number may seem acceptable for a JV baseball team, but for varsity baseball, it is quite rare. Almost unheard of. Although the 2015 season was not the greatest in recent history, numbers like these shine light on the bright future of FHC baseball.

“We’re only losing 3 people [going into next year],” FHC varsity baseball coach Mark Rasmussen said. “We’ve had our ups and downs this season, but we can only get better from here.”

Leading the team to a 13-19 season, Rasmussen is less satisfied with the outcome of the 2015 season than he is with the future of FHC baseball.

“The best thing about this season,” Rasmussen said, “is that the players are still young. We got five freshmen and two sophomores carrying over to next year.”

He is not the only person excited with the future of the team. The graduated senior Jake Vanderwal is going to Ohio State for baseball next year, and he presided over the team this year as captain. He was not only happy with his own performance this year, but also with that of the younger players.

“As a team we definitely would have liked to win more games [this year],” Vanderwal said, “but overall it was a successful year because some of the young guys got valuable experience to help the program in the future.”

Vanderwal lead the team this year with ten doubles, three triples, 21 RBI, and two home runs.

“[Vanderwal] always gives his all out there,” Rasmussen said, “and this year he really stood out.”

Along with Vanderwal, the FHC graduated senior Andrew Fox presided as captain. He presented similar views to Rasmussen and Vanderwal regarding the future of the team.

“We had a young team this year,” Fox said, “so it was a growing season for us.”

All things said, this year’s shortcomings are far less important than the future of the FHC baseball squad.

“The most important thing now,” Rasmussen said, “is to look at how we can start moving forward.”