A guide to forming your very own Homecoming lookbook



An evening full of glam, fashion, and fun is this Saturday night, and it’s a night all about you. 

Homecoming is a tradition created for amusement, capturing millions of photos, and making memories with your best friends. But moreover, it’s about your look and how you want everyone’s jaws to hit the floor when you runway walk past.

The process is either extremely long, or for some, fortunately simple—let’s start off with arguably the most important aspect of your look: the dress. 

Finding the perfect Homecoming dress is a process that consists of either scouring websites for weeks on end or finding something that catches your eye right off the bat—there’s no in between.

And after that, step one of creating your very own Homecoming lookbook is complete. 

Step two, however, is deciding on a makeup look—one that compliments you best. The goal of your makeup on Homecoming night is to use products that emphasize and help your features stand out. 

There are three options, the first being to go out and spoil yourself with some brand-new makeup products. You only get to live Homecoming night so many times throughout your high school experience, so if you’re in need of some new makeup, go get yourself that makeup.

The best choices for new makeup can be found at either Ulta, Sephora, or even a nearby drug store. You’d be surprised with how well off-brand products work, so don’t underestimate your local Walgreens.

An evening full of glam, fashion, and fun is this Saturday night, and it’s a night all about you. 

Option two is to stick with the basics; stick with your everyday products that you’re familiar with. Trying some never-before-used products for your Homecoming look is risky, as new products would be considered unexplored. So with this, you can take the safe route—use what you know and feel fabulous within that.

Option three is to treat yourself. And by treating yourself, I mean book an appointment for a professional to fancy you up. There are tons of salons and makeup outlets that specialize in Homecoming makeup looks. It should be a simple process to locate one that you trust. But of course, that comes with risks. You’re letting someone else decide how you’re going to look for your night out, and that could either end very pleasantly or quite tragically. However, most of the time, the professionals in a salon know exactly what they’re doing and how to do it, so it is a reliable choice to leave it up to them to make you look beautiful.

The overall goal is to feel confident and beautiful on Homecoming; whether your desire is for natural or full glam, it is only most important to feel lovely in your own skin.

When it comes to Homecoming hair, there are countless options. You want something that will look nice with your dress—specifically, the neckline of your dress. Curls are always an honorable option, but to add some spice, you could do braids, half-up-half-down, or even a high pony moment. However, it all depends on the length and style of your natural hair. Using heat is always a good idea, as it stays longer and fancies up your glam. Plus, if you happen to have a casual dress, a fun hairstyle can always help. Again, either booking an appointment or just playing around with it in the comfort of your home works just fine.

The third step to achieving your impeccable Homecoming look is wearing the right pair of shoes.

If you’re a heel person, choose a pair that compliments your dress. Subtle colors are always the way to go in order to not take away from your gown, and that is what commonly finishes off your style with a bang.

Or, you can take the opposite route and let your dress compliment your shoes. If you’re wearing a faint, delicate, single-colored dress, allow your heels to be that pop of color. Reds, blues, or deep pinks always have the potential to dazzle up your Homecoming dress if it’s something rather simple. 

We’re so close to completing your Homecoming appearance, but we cannot let your nail choice pass you by. Although nails are a meager part of your look, they can make all the difference. No matter how long, short, pointy, or flat your nails are, they can pull your outfit together. 

Your nails are like your shoes—if your dress is subtly designed, a pop of color on your nails can up your look that much more.  

So go to Homecoming feeling confident, pretty, and comfortable. Enjoy the night of gourmet appetizing, dancing, and spending quality time with your peers all while feeling like the best possible version of yourself, because you are beautiful and deserve an evening of feeling like it.