Elly Teliczan is looking forward while still living in the present



Elly enjoying the simple things in life.

Freshman Elly Teliczan’s teammates push her to be the best she can be; the Lady Rangers create the best versions of each other. 

“[My friends] are great motivators to push through a lot of the tiredness,” Elly said. “We make a lot of great memories together.” 

Basketball has been a considerable part of Elly’s life since second grade, and she has no plans for stopping anytime soon. With the exercise it gives to her, she feels it is very beneficial in order to see improvement. She practices every single day for her freshman basketball team.

With the girls basketball season starting up, she hopes she and the team will begin a hot winning streak of some sort. 

“We look good this year,” Elly said, “and I have high hopes for our games this season.”

Every stage of a sport increases in difficulty with people getting stronger and faster. While coming up from middle school, high school ball is just a bit more competitive. However, the Rangers’ bonds often are what triumphs their opponent. 

“The competition will be more challenging, but our team’s chemistry is our advantage,” Elly said. “We all know each other and have been together for a while.” 

There is more to basketball than winning to Elly—her friends and family bring positive energy. People in her life make her the best player she can be. Elly’s memories with her team help her grow her love for the game and her glee for freshman year. 

“One time,” Elly said, “we were just shooting around before practice, and out of nowhere, my teammate shot one backward and made it right in. We all laughed hard, and I think it helped our spirits in the long run.”

While basketball is a massive part of Elly’s life, she also enjoys people who bring her a particular type of joy. Through that, she has learned just how impactful people can genuinely be to her. 

“I have so many great friends, and being able to see them is what makes me happiest,” Elly said. “I’m happy I have so many people by my side for good and bad times.” 

Another hobby of Elly’s is shopping and the memories she creates while doing it with her friends. Whether that is just messing around trying clothes on or just making her friends laugh, she loves every second of it.

Elly is a well-rounded person with balances in school, friends, and sports. School can be a stressor, but she finds a way to get through each day. 

“I try my best to find something to look forward to just to get through the week,” Elly said. “With basketball right after school, I don’t get much time for my loads of homework. Freshman year seems to be a lot of homework compared to what I am used to.” 

Elly has tried to make the most of her first high school experience within her first year. So far, she has enjoyed a lot of what FHC offers.

Among all of the spirit and positivity for the school, Elly is getting involved where she can, so she can positively look back on her high school lifestyle. Through basketball, friends, and school spirit, she can genuinely embrace a high school experience—an experience that was not present for the last two years. 

“I am excited to graduate, but I know for sure I will miss this place,” Elly said. “Each memory I make here today with my team, my friends, or even my teachers will be a good time to reflect on. So I would say I am excited about the future, but I also love the present.”