“Merry Christmas” is all the upbeat holiday feelings wrapped into a song



Ed Sheeran and Elton John posing among the Christmas decor.

Though the song “Merry Christmas” has such a simple title, the song lyrics are packed full of holiday nostalgia.

All of the warm and fuzzy feelings pouring into the cherished season have been wrapped into this one song. From touching on the “fire raging on” to the “praying for December snow,” the song truly paints a picture of what this season is truly about.

I loved how right from the get-go I could tell it would be a Christmas song. I know that sounds a little strange considering how most Christmas songs do sound like Christmas songs—as they should—but what I mean is that the bells and chords sound purposeful and represent the Christmas feel, which I think is a very important aspect of any Christmas song.

Sometimes, I’ll be halfway into a Christmas song and not realize it’s a Christmas song until that point, and that just doesn’t seem like the point to me.

If a song is categorized as a Christmas song, I think it should sound like it from the beginning to the end. And “Merry Christmas” by Ed Sheeran and Elton John definitely accomplished that element.

As any Elton John song would, this song contains plenty of piano. It is evident, but it isn’t used in a boring, been-there-done-that way. It is used very lightly, and it is almost unnoticeable that the sounds being produced are being made by a piano, but I really enjoyed it, and I thought it was a unique element that helped give the song its identity.

The upbeat, piano-filled chorus is not only catchy but has a really sweet holiday meaning. And of course, the song had to acknowledge how hard this past year was, but also how that brings hope for next year.

The upbeat, piano-filled chorus is not only catchy but has a really sweet holiday meaning.

“So just keep kissing me under the mistletoe/ Pour out the wine, let’s toast and pray for December snow/ I know there’s been pain this year, but it’s time to let it go/ Next year, you never know/ But for now, Merry Christmas.”

“But for now, Merry Christmas” is probably my favorite verse because it really captures what the holiday attitude should entail. We may go through many struggles and trials during the year, and we have no idea what the next year will bring, but for the time being, we should just celebrate being with one another and enjoying the holiday season.

I really enjoyed the Sheeran and John collaboration. They both have a distinct musical style, but this song blended them together and made a really impressive product that still kept each musician’s style noticeable still.

The lyrics and tone of the song reminded me a lot of Sheeran’s music, but the instrumental aspects and style of the song are where I heard John’s style make its debut. One didn’t overpower the other, and it made for a very light-hearted listening experience.

Based on the UK singles chart, I’m not the only one who thought this song was a raging success. “Merry Christmas” is set to take number one on the charts for the second week in a row since its release on Dec. 3, 2021.

I guess when two incredibly well-known and highly respected artists are paired up to write a Christmas song, they really can’t go wrong.