Spring break fashion: what’s fit and unfit

Spring break feels like it’s only three to five business days away. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth; but thankfully, that gives time to go on a search and rescue for the hottest new clothing items for spring breakers.

Regardless of where you’re headed—as long as there’s warm weather—some of the best online sites are releasing their spring clothing lines perfectly on time. I prefer online shopping versus in-person shopping because of its wider selection in not only physical clothing, but styles, colors, and sizes as well. This allows for a more comfortable, low-stress shopping environment—one that allows you to find the best items most efficiently. However, this can be risky; I always wound up spending way too much online shopping. 

More or less, with spring break comes online shopping. However, this may be a difficult process in regards to shipping times, so I advise: order now, and receive your new wardrobe by your departure at the end of the month.  

An online store I feel like a lot of shoppers resort to is SHEIN, and I have one word for you: don’t. SHEIN is a store that blew up around last year for its cute, but extraordinarily cheap items. To put it in perspective, you could easily find a trendy top for maybe $4 there. Admittedly, their things are super timely and trendy, and I do own various items from there myself, but over time, I’ve realized with the progression of my usage, the items are slowly deteriorating. 

I ordered a variety of SHEIN bathing suits for 2021’s spring break, and no, I was not disappointed. However, over time, the material faded and the quality loosened. Of course, we cannot ignore that SHEIN promotes child labor, so I wouldn’t expect anything less from their wear. I realized that contributing to this reality is not at all worth shopping with them; SHEIN may be the cheapest option out there, but in the end, it has little to no value.

I’ve deemed these to be the most worth my money, all while ensuring I look and feel confident in my favorite styles.

In terms of swimwear, I love Triangl. Triangl provides very high-quality suits with bright auroras and things that may fit just about any buyer. The colors don’t fade in chlorine or saltwater. And while all of their suits may be almost the exact same style and fitting, Triangl is a great option if you’d like just a couple of high-quality suits—that is if you’re willing to spend around $100.

Although it may be deemed as basic, PacSun has both great suits and clothing items. They are in style, decently priced, and overall, a quality purchase. Yet another great option is Princess Polly; their wear is more uniquely styled, but sometimes, you need a little bit of something rather “out there” in your closet—especially on a grand spring break vacation. Some others of that same style are Missguided and PrettyLittleThing; and if you’re looking for something more bland but still stylish, check out ASOS. 

And if you’re not one to adore online shopping and prefer the in-store process of trial and error, believe it or not, Target is the way to go if you’re looking for affordable and in-style bikinis. They have adorable colors, and although they aren’t the highest of quality, without a doubt, I’ll be adding some Target swimsuits to my Mexico wardrobe for senior spring break.

These shopping outlets are undeniably my go-to’s. From a long process of ordering and returning, I’ve deemed these to be the most worthy of my money, all while ensuring I look and feel confident in my favorite styles.