Dear Cinderella, thank you


Alex Smith

A collection of my favorite photos from musical season

I never realized how close a group of people could become in such a short time.

I spent a total of two weeks with the cast and crew of Cinderella, and I made so many new friends. It has been three days since our final show, and I have been close to tears every day since it ended. The whole experience was founded by the people; they were the reason that I cried during the last show. I didn’t want to lose the people I met. So, thank you to everyone who was part of Cinderella.


We knew each other a little bit due to TCT, but because of the musical, we have become a lot closer. The first day of rehearsal, I saw you with Ella, and I was thrilled that you were going to be participating in stage crew. We have done a lot of crazy things together over the past two weeks, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

We had to go to school twice on Monday to get set pieces and drills—resulting in both of us getting splinters and threatening to sue Evan. On Tuesday we ordered a pizza from Little Caesars and smuggled it into the staircase to eat. The day before opening night, you got your foot run over by the palace steps—which is one thing I probably would change—and we made you sit out for opening night. On opening night, we both cried before the show while we held hands and sang our song. On Friday we went to Denny’s and obsessed over the cute college guy. Closing night sucked though. We cried a lot—though not as much as I would have thought. It was hard to think about how that was our last show with the seniors. It’s still hard to think about.

We made it through though. You got to do three shows, and it was spectacular. I will forever cherish your friendship, and you are the best Unstable Table a girl could ask for. Thank you.


When we did the play in the fall, we never got super close. But for the musical, we worked together, and that made us become friends. We spent a lot of time together organizing costumes, and doing quick changes. Somehow, doing quick changes helped us grow closer with the actors even though they are quick. But, most importantly, they helped us grow closer.

Stage right will always be my favorite side because it is the side of the stage we have been on for both of our productions.

— Alex Smith

I can’t imagine having to do theater without you. The costume department will definitely be more depressing in two years when you aren’t here anymore. Nobody will be right there with a fanny pack full of safety pins telling people what to do with their costumes.

I can never forget the time we have spent together goofing off, watching the show, cracking jokes, and making memories. I miss the time we got to spend together these last two weeks, and I can’t wait until we get to do it all over again. Thank you.


We are the closest in age out of the crew, or at least among the girls, and I think that has a lot to do with the sisterly bond we have been forming since the fall. Stage right will always be my favorite side because it is the side of the stage we have been on for both of our productions. It’s the side of the stage that brings back so many memories.

Memories of breaking the wagon prop on closing night, yelling at people to only touch their props, fixing dresses quickly, and my favorite, doing a waltz during one of the scenes of Cinderella, flood my brain.

You have given me a stage crew sibling. Even though we didn’t technically do those this year, I know that it would be you because we clearly have a sisterly bond. I am so glad that the two of us are so similar in age and are able to be friends. Thank you.

Abby Berlin

I thought for a while that I was going to have to do hair and makeup for the entire cast by myself. Then, I joined costumes as well and thought I was going to have to do all three by myself.

But you were there. You saved me. Without your assistance, the hair and makeup on the girls and guys would have been less than satisfactory. You are one of the kindest and funniest people I know. I appreciate you so much. You let me do some of my own things regarding hair and makeup, but you also saved my butt when I didn’t know what I was doing.

Every time I walked into Grace’s dressing room, you were sitting in the chair, and you’d say “You’re killing it, Alex,” and I would smile so wide. You are so kind, and I am so glad you decided to be part of the stage crew. I will miss you next year; I will struggle without you. Thank you.

Abbey Calderwood

You are the most patient person I have ever met. No matter what is happening, you are so calm. There were constant meltdowns, questions, and mistakes during the two weeks I was at rehearsal, and they never seemed to faze you. You sat down with people, you talked, you handled everything, and you were still so kind.

There is no way that anybody can be a better student director than you. They can’t even come close. You have done so much for the show, and everybody is so grateful for you.

You amaze me sometimes with how you conduct yourself; nothing seems to take the smile off your face. I am so glad that you were the student director my freshman year. But now, I have to compare other student directors to you, and nobody can measure up. Thank you.


I spent so much and yet so little time with you. We did several quick changes, some not successful, and that brought us a little closer than I am with some of the other actors.

You are the best Cinderella that we could possibly have. I seriously can’t listen to the soundtrack of the Broadway version anymore because it isn’t the same as listening to you sing. I look up to you so much. You are so sweet, talented, and confident.

You have been so kind and patient with Ella and me, and I am so thankful. I cried a lot on closing night, and when you hugged me, that made me more sad because I won’t get to experience another musical with you in it. I will miss your smile so much when I come back to the theater program. Thank you.