Spring 2022 fashion—what’s in?


Michaela Jane

An outfit incorporating a crochet dress and a plissé button-down.

As we hang our coats and pull out our sandals, the question of what will be trending this spring arises. With the new season growing near, here’s a list of spring 2022 fashion trends I think will bloom.

Corset/bustier tops

Corset tops and dresses as well as the bustier style tops have been trending for a while now, I just haven’t seen a lot of girls in Michigan incorporating these into their looks mainly because of the weather we’ve recently been experiencing. Corset tops are typically paired with jeans or leather pants, but I’ve also seen them put on skirts and even layered under dresses/longer tops. With certain styles, it’s sometimes hard to decipher whether or not something is actually cute or just trendy, but I do like corset tops, and I could see them staying in style because of how fitted and flattering they are.


Low-rise jeans were extremely popular in the early 2000s, but in recent years, high-rise has definitely taken over. As all old trends do, low-rise is making a comeback, and while high-rise has been a fan favorite for many, low-rise has grown on me this year. I recently purchased two different low-waisted mini skirts, and one of them is actually my favorite skirt I presently own. I think low-rise and mid-rise can be just as flattering as high-rise and whether you love it or hate it, will be circulating this spring and summer.

Plissé fabric

Plissé fabric is essentially fabric that has micro-puckering, giving the garment a crinkled, textured effect almost like seersucker. The fabric is really soft, so I often see plissé is often used in pajamas and bedding, but recently, I’ve seen it in more and more dresses, tops (button-downs specifically), and even two-piece sets. It’s a really pretty finish to any fabric, and it’s also very spring and summer-like because it’s so lightweight.

Sweetheart neckline

Designers have been increasingly incorporating the sweetheart style neckline into tops and dresses, and I’m all for it. Sweetheart necklines we mainly see in bridal garments/wedding attire because of how flattering and romantic the style is. The heart-shaped detail draws attention to the décolletage and collarbone, and I particularly like it because it subtly dresses up more casual pieces.

Crochet and knitwear 

Crochet was really popular last summer, and it’s not going anywhere this year. Crochet tops, dresses, and pants are perfect for beach cover-ups. Last summer, I feel like everyone had the same type of long-sleeved crochet shirts and dresses, and this year, I think they’ll be a little more elevated in detail, which I’ve seen more recently. Crochet can also be found in many vintage styles from the 70s, making it that much fun and sustainable.

Tote bags

Smaller shoulder bags and clutches have been in for a while now, and large tote bags are on track to be the bag of the season. I recently was given the Marc Jacobs “The Tote Bag,” and I absolutely love it. From a utility standpoint, larger bags are so much nicer and more practical than tiny bags that hardly hold your phone and lip gloss. Tote bags are perfect for beach days and travel, and they sell in everything from neutrals to colorful designs and canvas to crochet at a variety of price points.

Bright pops of color and color-clashing is really popular during spring and summer in runway fashion, and bold colors have been incorporated more into makeup looks lately too.

Bold colors

Bright pops of color and color-clashing is really popular during spring and summer in runway fashion, and bold colors have been incorporated more into makeup looks lately too. I personally tend to wear more neutral-colored clothing, but I think it’s refreshing to see some vivid colors incorporated into people’s styles after such a long, dull winter. Mixing and matching different colors is fun to experiment with and contributes to one’s personal style.

With the final snow on the sidewalk melting, I’m realizing just how sick I am of winter fashion. I’m very excited to start wearing pieces that are fit for warmer, sunnier days and to see what other trends arise in spring 2022. Cheers to bright colors, bare shoulders, and almost the end of the school year.