Rescued by Ruby shows the wonders humans have with animals

The weather outside has been reaching some cold temperatures, so it was the perfect day to watch a movie. 

Recently released on Mar. 17th was the movie called Rescued by Ruby. As the film on Netflix was based on a true story, it immediately grabbed my attention; any movie with a dog will, but this movie, in particular, outplayed all the others. 

The plot behind the film was all about a dog named Ruby and how she struggled with finding a loving and caring home. After a few tries, she finally came upon Daniel O (Grant Gustin) and instantly clicked with him. Their relationship took on a few challenges, but Ruby pulled through and became the dog that would save Daniel’s life—both in his work life and his mental life. 

The connections between a human being and a dog are beyond strong compared to a normal human relationship. On an emotional level, dogs are able to sense your fear—to sense when something is off—and Ruby does just that. Throughout the whole film, I was able to sit back and take in all the emotions that were showing through my screen—it was almost as if Ruby was one of my dogs. 

The connections between a human being and a dog are beyond strong compared to a normal human relationship.

Although Daniel isn’t me and doesn’t necessarily think like me, I was engaged with his thoughts and how he felt deeply connected to Ruby; this made me think about my own puppies—this is exactly how a great movie should make you feel. 

As I continued to grow in Ruby and Daniel’s relationship, I learned how important it is to make those connections with your pets or simply the people in your everyday life. If you feel like you can connect with someone so deeply, that should always be a sign that they need you just as much as you need them. 

I wouldn’t say this movie is a tear-jerker, but I would say that it certainly teaches you new lessons and sends a good message that makes you think a little harder than you expect it to. 

If we don’t notice the little things in life, who will? If we don’t allow animals just as many second chances in life, then who will?  The overall conception I took away from this film is that no matter what you are faced with, you could fail, but with the right someone—or dog—next to you, you’ll always have a balance of who to fall on and who to hold accountable when things don’t go your way. 

I would recommend this to anyone. The actors were great, and the true story really made the film fill with emotions and have a deeper meaning than just a man and his dog.