It’s never too early for Christmas classics


It is never too early to embrace the holiday season with open arms, even if it’s the start of November. 

Over the past weekend, I watched a total of three Christmas movies. The new The Grinch movie that I viewed was produced in 2018 and is the animated version.  I also watched The Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

First, let’s dive into the animated The Grinch movie. It is by far the best Christmas movie of all time. 

It is by far the best Christmas movie of all time. 

First, the 2018 The Grinch film was a masterpiece. All of the characters, scenery, and plot just screamed Christmas. Every inch of the town of Whoville was covered in Christmas decorations from head to toe, and it really exemplified the sweet and fun feeling of Christmas inside of me every time I saw the quaint Christmas village. I also liked how the characters exemplified the Christmas spirit. To me, that is key when I watch a Christmas movie; I want to feel the holiday spirit. I don’t want to sit down and watch some bad production where the acting is predictable and it’s the typical setting and holiday love story.

Another reason why I loved The Grinch is that it didn’t follow the traditional Christmas story. It had the bad guy, the unique setting, and the solution all in a cute holiday and festive feel. An additional aspect was that the amazing narrator in the background had a very cool and unique voice that made the film even better; just one more reason why it is my favorite Christmas movie ever. 

Another film I watched was Santa Clause 2. Let’s just say I do not like this movie at all. First off, it had a very goofy plot involving the Santa Clause (Tim Allen.) Apparently, in this film, Santa Clause needs to be married in order for him to continue being Santa Clause, which is the most curveball thing I have ever heard in any Christmas movie. It involves them making a clone of Santa, and the actor for that was terrible–very corny, and just not funny at all. Also, the elves were very annoying and had corny commentary.  Along with that, the CGI and special effects for the sleigh and the North Pole were the most obvious green screen in the world. I feel like they didn’t even try to cover it up. If you want to waste your Christmas, watch this film.

The last film I watched was The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. The whole Santa Clause series is just pointless. I feel like they were just trying to make more money with this film. First off, again, the CGI was terrible. All the magic that was used had terrible special effects and the North Pole green screen looked copied and pasted from Google again with no creativity whatsoever. The characters’ lines were very corny and just felt off, making me uncomfortable. There were way too many characters to follow in this one, making it like one big mess and very confusing. I don’t like to think when I watch movies. Again, this movie just disappointed me. I was hoping it would be better because Santa Clause 2 was really bad, but it was identical to the second film, only with more characters, making it even more confusing. 

Holiday films are meant to be compelling and enjoyable and draw you into the holiday spirit. But, some just ruin my holiday mood. Some films just mind-boggle me that they even were allowed to be made. Holiday movies will be primarily hit or miss in what you choose. I just advise you, after this, to stay away from some.