Participation is vastly more important than many people think


Since I was young, the focus was always on winning when it came to sports and activities. Though making a competitive environment is essential to life skills, the competitive atmosphere that was pounded into kids’ minds may have inadvertently taken the focus away from the real prize: participation. 

Since I was younger, much of my life has been taken up by taking part in different sports and activities that have always pushed me to be the best that I can be. That mentality is forever immortalized in my brain but the why behind it has shifted dramatically. 

I no longer participate to simply just be the best at something, I participate to have the best time I possibly can. The experiences I have and the friends I make are now at the forefront of my mind when a new opportunity knocks on the door. 

One of the monumental struggles I’ve had is making friends. Being a part of different things can greatly expand someone’s list of friends. Meeting new people that have had many different experiences is an important part of life and can improve one’s social skills and knowledge.

Meeting more people can help anyone get common knowledge and communication skills, leaving them more adept in social situations which can undoubtedly help them in the future. 

It also has more importance than just learning skills, having friends—at least from my experience—improves happiness. This more than proves the importance of taking part in different and new activities. Leaving a chapter in one’s life having been positively impacted by the people around them is always a win. 

They can find something that grabs them, stays in their minds, and never ceases to let go.

Unfortunately, there can be negative impacts on a person as a result of an experience. There are an infinite amount of things that can go wrong when participating. However, this shouldn’t be an incentive to shy away from unique and exciting experiences. People should go away from times like that with a new sense of knowledge on what not to do. 

Or, people can learn what to do. They can find something that grabs them, stays in their minds, and never ceases to let go. A newfound passion or even just a pastime hobby motivates many to try this. Maybe it’s just temporary, or maybe it’s a full-time commitment but doing it regardless can greatly help multiple aspects of one’s life. 

Shredding all the pros and cons, trying different experiences, and participating are just fun to do. There is something about just enjoying a good time with people—friend or not—by doing something people may or may not be good at. Because that’s why it’s important, being the best is an added bonus with these sorts of things. 

That is why I try my hardest to find new ways to engage myself. I deeply desire that feeling when finding a new favorite thing to do. It’s a great feeling and it’s waiting out there for anyone brave enough to try and find it. So I would tell anyone and everyone, please participate, it’s better than nothing.