The little moments mean the most to me


The sun rising over a lake. This moment made me unbelievably happy.

Life is full of big moments that everyone notices. But there are also countless little moments that rarely anyone notices. For me, those little moments are where my happiness lives. The moments when next to no one would even think twice about what happened. Those little moments are the biggest to me.

The sun is such a wonderful thing. It is a necessary thing, and every morning when it rises, it brings so much beauty to the world. The blend of colors that paints the sky is the perfect way to bring the world to life in the morning. It’s the perfect way to bring me to life in the morning.

Rain is another thing that brings life to the world. The gloomy gray of the sky when it’s raining is a symbol of the way that things get darker before they get brighter. Rain brings life to the Earth, and it needs to get a little gloomy for the plants and trees to grow. Rain reminds me that something better is coming, and despite the fact that some people don’t like it, it means so much to me.

The fleeting smiles that are shared, and the quick “hey” mean as much to me as anything else we are going to do.

Many of the moments that you experience with your friends would be categorized as big moments. They are adventures or memories that you will hold onto for so long, but when I first get in the car with my friend, that is one of the best moments. One of the happiest. The fleeting smiles that are shared, and the quick “hey” means as much to me as anything else we are going to do. It’s a moment that shows true feelings. Without that fleeting smile or that “hey,” I know that something is up. That first moment when I get in the car makes me so happy because a greeting means so much to me.

Sleep can be hard to come by. Sleep can be riddled with nightmares or dotted with dreams. But in those first few seconds when I’m drifting in and out of consciousness, that’s where I find the best sleep. That’s when sleeping is the most peaceful. I know that if I want to I can be awake, and if I want to I can be asleep. I get the decision, but also, it’s already been made because sleep is coming. It’s those moments when I’m completely at peace with the idea of sleep because nothing has happened yet to ruin it. Those few seconds bring me the most happiness at night.

Little moments that hold almost no significance stand out to me more than anything else. I find peace in the small things. The small moments are only mine because no one else cares about them. The fleeting seconds that I grasp onto for as long as I can. Those moments are where I live in peace. No one can pull me out of them.