Through her love of soccer, Megan Boersema has learned how important team work is


Megan has made many connections and learned many lessons through soccer

Years ago, at Ada Christian Elementary, there were children running around kicking soccer balls. Among them was junior Megan Boersema. The playground at her school was where her love for soccer sparked, and that fire has not been extinguished.

“I remember the first time I played soccer was for my elementary school,” Megan said. “I went to Ada Christian for a couple years, and they had a team that I could play for. I remember not really knowing what I was doing, but I was just happy to be outside with my friends.”

Megan  has been playing soccer for twelve years, ever since the first time she kicked a ball on the playground.

Soccer opens many experiences for Megan that she wouldn’t get without it. She has met so many new people through the sport, and she loves the time that she gets to spend with them. Without soccer, she wouldn’t have met these people.

“I love soccer because it gives me a chance to hang out with my soccer friends,” Megan said. “I get to be outside, and it’s just really exciting to me.”

Being outside and playing with her friends is one of the best feelings for Megan. She gets to enjoy being there with people she loves and doing something she loves.

‘Soccer has taught me to be patient, and that you can’t always rush through everything.’

— Megan Boersema

There are so many moments that lead to life lessons; like many things, soccer has these teaching opportunities. Megan has gained so much wisdom from playing soccer and has learned so much about not only the sport but also life.

“Soccer has taught me to be patient and that you can’t always rush through everything,” Megan said. “It’s also taught me that teamwork is so incredibly important.”

Teamwork is something that Megan has been able to work on through soccer. Soccer is a team sport, and so, Megan has to be good at working with other people to play.

A big part of working with a team is bonding with the team. Megan’s soccer team has done team bonding activities to help bring the team closer together. It helps to create better bonds on and off the field. The team is now closer because of the bonding experiences they’ve had.

“Last year, I did a team dinner with my whole soccer team at my house,” Megan said. “We all hung out, played card games, and watched movies, and it was nice to get to know all of them off of the field.”

Not only is having the support of your team important, but also having the support of your family while participating in a sport. Having the support and encouragement from your family can be the difference between succeeding and not.

Megan and her family are very close, and they fully support her in soccer. They cheer her on and always show up for her to show that they care. It helps her knowing that they are there for her.

“My family has influenced me by always coming to my games and cheering me on from the sidelines,” Megan said.

As was mentioned before, teamwork is very influential towards the way that the team plays. The whole team needs to work together to succeed, and if someone isn’t trying their hardest, then the team won’t be successful.

Megan has seen the difference that not trying can make. She has seen how one person not doing their best can affect the whole team.

“Your whole team will affect how you play because of the atmosphere,” Megan said. “You can tell when your teammates aren’t putting in their best effort, so it gets frustrating. Everybody has to learn how to work as a team and work as hard as they can to make the team better.”