Dairy Queen has a habit of making half of their featured blizzards taste good


Some photos taken at the Dairy Queen in Lake Odessa

Dairy Queen. A place I’ve been to too many times to count and a place I’ve written on, not too many times to count because I have counted it, and it’s three times, but too many times than should be considered normal. Three times isn’t that many, but it’s more than I’ve written about any other place.

Dairy Queen recently released two new winter blizzards, so, of course, my best friend and I had to go try them. We scoured the internet for an open Dairy Queen a reasonable distance from us—quite a difficult task considering it was the second day of January, and most businesses were closed. But, we found one in Lake Odessa—a place neither of us had heard of before—and set off there. Once we got there, we ordered and sat down.

Frosted Sugar Cookie Blizzard

I consider sugar cookies to be a staple Christmas party food. They are usually shaped like bells, trees, or snowmen, and they are usually decorated with icing and sprinkles. I’m pretty sure that this blizzard was trying to recreate that type of cookie—or at least that’s what I was picturing in my head while I ate it—but I definitely did not get the Christmas party feel when I tasted this blizzard.

First of all, the blizzard didn’t taste anything like a sugar cookie. It tasted like vanilla. Honestly, not even very good vanilla. The only hint that it is supposed to be sugar cookie is the cookie chunks in the blizzard. Not that those added anything positive though because, honestly, the cookie pieces just made it worse.

The cookie pieces had almost zero flavor, and they somehow managed to be chalky when I bit them. I love the type of cookies they were trying to recreate, and they didn’t succeed. At all. They failed.

It tasted like vanilla. Honestly, not even very good vanilla.

However, the cookies did have sprinkles on them, and they were pretty. Unfortunately, I was looking for a tasty ice cream, not a pretty one. So, the sprinkles didn’t add much other than aesthetic.

This blizzard had no sentimental value to me. I can usually be reminded of a memory or a place when I eat something, but that did not happen with this blizzard. I felt nothing, except for a little nauseous at the chalkiness.

I do not recommend this blizzard. It had little to no flavor, and it somehow managed to be chalky. If you want something just for the aesthetic sprinkles, go for it, but otherwise I’d stay away.

Candy Cane Chill Blizzard-

I remember that my family used to scour the shelves of the fridges in D&W every December to find a specific type of peppermint ice cream. I loved that ice cream. I looked forward to it every winter.

That ice cream—that whole experience—came to the forefront of my mind when I tried this Candy Cane Chill Blizzard. It reminded me completely of Christmas and the fun traditions my family has.

With that being said, I love this blizzard. There are chocolate pieces and candy cane pieces in it, and they complement each other very well. I’ve written before about my aversion to chocolate, and this blizzard made me forget about it for a second. The chocolate pieces were actually enjoyable—although I think that might be due to the fact that it was mixed with peppermint.

Because peppermint is a crunchy candy, the blizzard did have some crunch to it. I feel like ice cream shouldn’t be crunchy, but this was good because of the flavor that the peppermint added. The crunch was nice, and I appreciated the change in texture it added.

This blizzard was amazing, and it reminded me of past memories—I love it when foods are able to do that. I would recommend that you try this blizzard if you ever find yourself near a Dairy Queen.

Every time Dairy Queen releases a series of featured blizzards, I try them. However, not once have I enjoyed all of the blizzard I tried. I usually only like one or two. Now, that could just be because of my personal preferences, but I wish they would start making blizzards that I always enjoy.