Kadence Roelfzema unique hobby has intertwined itself into her everyday life


Junior Kadence Roelfzema

When junior Kadence Roelfzemas’s grandmother bought her a simple learn-to-do-it-yourself knitting kit, she never expected it to become a comforting hobby that she would participate in during the colder months.

Most people are rather intimidated by the hobby because it seems intricate and difficult to pick up, but Kadence has proven that anyone can learn to knit, and it can often be quite therapeutic.

“It’s really easy to learn and gives you quality time with your family,” Kadence said. “My grandma and I used to knit together. It’s calming. It gives me something to do when I’m bored or watching TV or cozy, up by the fire, [and I] put on Christmas music and knit.” 

Knitting gives one a feeling of creativity, desire to design, and be in charge of what they may create while also saving money instead of wasting it on new store-bought clothes. Instead, knitting provides another alternative.

“You can make a lot of different things and make your own stuff like clothes or hats or scarves,” Kadence said.

It’s really easy to learn and gives you quality time with your family. My grandma and I used to knit together. It’s calming.

— Kadence Roelfzema

This hobby is one Kadence never took up on her own, but with a little nudge from her family, she ended up on the unbeaten path of knitting for her friends and family.

“I picked up knitting because for Christmas my grandma got me one of those things that you tie the string around,” Kadence said. “So, I started looking at videos, and the next Christmas, I asked for actual knitting needles and yarn, and I started knitting with real needles and yarn.” 

Although the hobby is quite time-consuming, Kadence loves the reaction and satisfaction of making her loved ones new knitwear to rock on a chilly Michigan day.

“I don’t own anything I’ve knitted; they’re all for other people,” Kadence said. “I made a headband for my mom and slippers that were green and blue, and they were so comfy.” 

Kadence has found herself becoming more intertwined and adventurous with the different techniques knitting offers.

“I tried hand knitting once—not with the needles but with my hands—and I made a chunky blanket, but it fell apart, and my dog ate it,” Kadence said.

Although it is just a hobby, it has taught her a much bigger lesson than learning how to make beautiful knitwear. It has taught her the feeling of determination. No matter how many times Kadence struggled, she never gave up, and some might argue she is now a knitting master. The feeling it brings is one she could never give up. 

“Once you finish a project, you get a feeling of accomplishment,” Kadence said.