What your sleeping position says about your persona



I always find myself taking the form of a baby when I go to bed.

Earth is a miraculous planet, but it’s hard to find appreciation in things when you don’t stop to pause and take in everything around you. This is something I have been trying to do more lately. 

Being someone who grew up inquisitive and attentive, it’s surprisingly easy for me to notice the smallest of changes to things. For example, when it comes to appearance, I am usually the first to know when someone alters their look, such as when they get a new pair of shoes or an article of clothing. 

Despite how peculiar this may sound, this is something that I have always been used to. Observing body language, acknowledging the tone of people’s voices, as well as understanding how to respond have all been factors that have drawn me to the subject of psychology; a class that I have instinctively chosen to take this semester. 

Today, I’m not here to talk about psychology in general but rather discuss the psychology behind body language; specifically, I want to analyze the positions in which we choose to sleep. 

Today, I’m not here to talk about psychology in general but rather discuss the psychology behind body language

According to Reader’s Digest, there are main six types of sleeping positions. 

Curling up like a baby

Some people subconsciously imitate an infant in their time of rest. Not because they wish to be a baby, but because this stance provides for a sense of safety while sleeping. This is a position mostly shown in more women than men, and it is a position that I also tend to take. If you sleep like this, you have the most common sleeping position and are generally very personable, even if you appear very closed off at first. 

Log formation 

Personally, I don’t know how people can sleep like this, but evidently, it’s also a normality for people to sleep as straight as a log. If this is you, it can be reasonable to assume that you’re easygoing and social, but can sometimes be gullible. 

Log formation with arms out

This next position is an extension of the log formation only with the arms extended out. What I can tell you right now is that this position is not one that I do—I never even knew it existed until I conducted research. This position is just as popular as the log, but in terms of personality, it will often be used by someone who isn’t as gullible or quick to make decisions. 


This position doesn’t surprise me because it’s also a position I sometimes find myself taking. 

In order to do so, most people hug a pillow and put one between their knees to keep their spine aligned and to provide more airspace for their lungs while sleeping. Studies have shown that actually sleeping on your left side is overall more beneficial for your health. In terms of your personality, you are also a very easygoing person and trust strangers very easily.