The history of Instagram stories and where they are now


A collage of photos relating to Instagram stories.

Instagram is one of the most adaptive social media platforms in the game. With constant alterations to the app’s appearance and structure, it’s no wonder that it has stayed a relevant way to connect and communicate for over a decade. 

One of Instagram’s most controversial and influential changes has been the addition of ‘Stories.’ It’s easy to ponder how this feature could be viewed as a controversy, but when Stories launched in 2016, many pointed out that this feature, allowing users to post photos or videos viewable for only 24 hours, was a blatant rip-off of Snapchat Stories. 

Although loyal Snapchat users were distrustful of the feature at first, many quickly got over the initial change to Instagram’s structure. Now, many can’t even recall what an Instagram homepage looked like prior to the addition of Stories. Moreover, despite snatching the initial concept from Snapchat, what Instagram managed to do with the idea really tipped them in favor of the most practical social media platform.

Moreover, despite snatching the initial concept from Snapchat, what Instagram managed to do with the idea really tipped them in favor of the most practical social media platform.”

Instagram has instated many engaging stickers since the start of Stories. One of the first that gained traction was poll-style stickers, allowing users to ask their followers to decide between two or more concepts and easily track responses. This made headway for ‘Question stickers’ which made it possible for followers to easily communicate with one another. 

This unique concept has made it possible for influencers and celebrities to further connect with their fans. Instagram very intelligently made it possible for followers to feel truly connected with their idols, and in a world so intrigued by celebrities, allowing such a close relationship between the famed and their fans was genius on Instagram’s part. 

Most important about these interesting features, however, are the commercial benefits they hold. With personable yet easily professional stickers, Instagram fosters a home for businesses, similarly to celebrities, to make connections with their customers. Direct product links, the ability to repost others’ posts, and location stickers are only a few ways that Instagram has brilliantly capitalized on its corporate consumers.

Even still, Instagram continues to pave the way with its appealing new sticker concepts, its most notable addition as of late being the “add yours” stickers. These prompt users with phrases such as “Add your favorite sunset photo” or “Add a photo of your best friend.” The engagement this has inspired for the app is incredible. Now, people have more opportunities to share more photos and connect further with friends and followers. 

The addition of Instagram stories is one that improved the trajectory of the app completely, allowing it to continuously evolve into a better more user-friendly experience. Although no social media platform will ever be perfect, listening to its consumers and staying ahead of trends has continuously kept Instagram in the public’s favor. 

With a continuous need for more ways to connect across the world, it’s reassuring to see a social media platform improving for the sake of its users. There is true excitement that lies in the question: what will Instagram do next?