Toastn’ Tea gave me the atmosphere I wanted, and the drinks I wanted even more


Alex Smith

Some photos I took at Toastn Tea, featuring the cute decor, and the best company

The atmosphere of a place is one of the first things I notice about it, and the atmosphere in Toastn’ Tea, a boba shop on the East Beltline, was exactly to my taste.

There weren’t very many people there, which provided a calm environment. Perfect for studying or writing, which is what we did. There are egg chairs in one corner, which we immediately made a beeline for, and there is greenery spread all around. They have a light-up neon sign and puns on the walls. It is such a cute place.

We placed our order immediately and went to sit in the cute chairs. The staff was so sweet, and they made me smile. We got our order very quickly, and our drinks came with heart drink stoppers in them which added to the overall cuteness of the place.

I absolutely love boba tea, so I had very high expectations of this shop. Luckily, they were met—mostly. I enjoyed my whole experience here, and I will definitely be returning.

Watermelon Fruit Tea with Passion Fruit Popping Boba

One of my favorite artificial flavors is watermelon. It comes second only to blue raspberry. However, I feel that it is hard to perfectly capture the sweet, but not too sweet, flavor of artificial watermelon. Toastn’ Tea did an excellent job with this watermelon flavor. I wouldn’t say that it necessarily tastes like I expect artificial watermelon to taste, but it is still amazing.

I don’t really know what a passion fruit tastes like, so I have nothing to compare this boba to, however, I do know that it is delicious. The flavor is unlike anything I’ve tasted before. It’s completely unique. I love boba, especially popping boba, and trying a new flavor was a great experience. I will definitely start branching out from my ordinary strawberry boba.

Together, the flavors mixed beautifully. They complemented each other so well, and I love the way they tasted together. They are both tropical flavors; summer was in the back of my mind with every sip. I enjoyed trying this drink, and it made me wish that summer is closer than it is.

Strawberry Fruit Tea with Mango Boba

I usually get strawberry boba, not strawberry tea, so this was different than my usual boba order. However, the drink wasn’t the same as what I usually get at all. This tea was made with a green tea base. Black tea was offered, but I figured that green tea was a better choice.

I could taste the green tea immediately, but it took a minute for the strawberry flavor to register. I am not the biggest fan of green tea, so I wasn’t hooked immediately. Once the strawberry flavor resonated with me, I was really enjoying the drink.

I’m not being dramatic (well, maybe just a little).

There was so much boba in my drink, but I never got a distinct mango flavor. The boba was good, and I enjoyed whatever it tasted like, but it definitely wasn’t mango. I wish that flavor would have shown a little bit more.

However, it did definitely taste like strawberry. After my initial sip, I could taste the strawberry easier, and it was there. The tea was quite sweet and gave me a bit of a headache after I had drank a bunch, but it was enjoyable, nonetheless, and I would definitely get it again after trying some of the other flavors.

Cookies and Cream Smoothie

Cookies and cream is my favorite type of ice cream. I always get an Oreo milkshake when I get ice cream, and I will always eat anything cookies and cream flavored. So obviously, I had to get this smoothie.

I wasn’t quite sure what the consistency or texture of this drink would be considering it said ‘smoothie,’ not milkshake, but my apprehension was quickly diminished. It was the same consistency, texture, and everything as a milkshake.

It was a cookies and cream milkshake; I was ecstatic.

I think it might be the best thing I have ever drank, and no, I’m not being dramatic (well, maybe a little), but it was honestly so good. I thought it would be sweet, given the chocolate that coated the cup, and the Oreos, but it wasn’t at all. It didn’t make my head hurt with sweetness.

I will always be getting one of these whenever I go back to Toastn’ Tea. It was so delicious, and I am already craving another one.

Mozzarella Korean Hot Dog

I wasn’t going to buy this item because there was no point since I’m a vegetarian. I wouldn’t even be eating it, but my best friend was smart and told me that a mozzarella Korean hot dog doesn’t have any meat in it. It’s just cheese. I was immediately intrigued.

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, and I had no clue what I was about to eat. I was pleasantly surprised. It was basically deep-fried cheese. I never would’ve thought that deep-fried cheeses could taste good, but they did. It was really crispy on the outside, and it had a nice crunch. The inside, though, was melted mozzarella cheese. The cheese did sink to the bottom of its deep-fried cocoon, but that didn’t stop it from being delicious either way.

I don’t know if I would necessarily choose to purchase this particular item again, but it was quite tasty. It’s not quite to my taste, but it was still good. I would recommend giving it a try.

I loved trying out this boba shop, and the atmosphere made me smile. I will for sure be returning to try new drinks and get another cookies and cream milkshake. If boba is your thing, then definitely try Toastn’ Tea.