Reset Sundays are a must, so read this story


Katelyn Mason

a picture of one of the few people I enjoy spending my reset Sunday with

If you don’t know what a reset Sunday is, keep reading. 

After a long stressful week, a reset Sunday is the light at the end of the tunnel. I wake up with so much excitement on that wonderful Sunday I have been dreaming of and planning since Wednesday. I rise knowing that today is for me, and by the end of the day, I will feel as though I am a whole new version of myself.

The point of a reset Sunday is to get mentally calm and let go of the stress and drama of the last week so you are prepared for the coming week.

A reset Sunday looks different for everyone; for me, it includes a workout, an everything shower, laundry, homework, a Target trip, getting a special snack (usually salt and vinegar chips), and TV. But, for my dad, his reset is just being at home; for my friend, it looks like laundry and changing sheets, a cleaning frenzy, hair and clay masks, an everything shower, journaling, TV, homework, and a Starbucks run. 

The point of a reset Sunday is to get mentally calm and let go of the stress and drama of the last week so you are prepared for the coming week. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you don’t add anything to your plate; the point is to take away responsibilities and chores. 

A reset does not have to be productive either; that is how it is typically portrayed, but I typically feel more carefree and relieved when I take advantage of my free time, but if you need a moment to just sit and do nothing, take that as your reset. 

I say Sunday is the reset day as it is usually the most free day of the week, but it does not have to take place on Sunday; you can reset any time; sometimes, my reset lands on Saturday or Tuesday night. It also does not have to be planned. I plan mine because it gives me something to look forward to, and a list helps me manage my anxieties. 

Also, your reset does not have to be alone. I try my best to spend mine away from others, but that is because I need one day to be alone with my thoughts and time to recharge my social battery. Occasionally, I invite someone to one of my Target runs, but my reset day is my day to be in solitude. 

My sister, on the other hand, loves to spend time with people and hates being alone for too long. Her reset would include her friends. Again, it is your reset, so do with it whatever you need. If being around your friends or family helps you calm down and get ready for the days ahead of you, then gather those people and do a low-key thing. 

It is not necessary to living to take a Sunday reset day, but it helps loosen the workload during the week and makes it easier to function. A reset has so many benefits and can be anything you want; there is literally no reason not to take this time for yourself. So, I am sure you are happy you continued reading.