Can I be an optimist?


Can I be an optimist? 

Why bother? The beauty of this world is fading away after all. What is there to look for?

There is plenty to look for. I look for when I can see my home, my bed, and my family. I look for the days of sunlight and blue skies, the cries of songbirds, and the smell of rich green grass.

But there is no rich green grass, no blue skies, no sunlight, at least not anymore. There are only smoke-black skies and brown, dead grass. There is no beauty in living in that kind of world, one which I would rather be without.

But there is a beauty in being, in simple things, that I don’t want to ever be without. There is beauty in the sun, in the sky, and in the stars that I cannot live without. I want to see the joy in living with people, I want to see the sweetness in talking and knowing people, and I want to see the good in people. 

There is no good in people, only the terrible and the less terrible. Why do you think we have atrocities and famine? Why do you think we have wars and weapons? There is a greed that humans only ever want to fulfill. It’s better to give up and let them have their fill. 

I don’t think that is true. After all, what about the kindness to those who fall ill or those who have a strong will? We have accomplished so much from freedom to exploration beyond anything we have known, across the globe and into the stars to the unknown.

And what of the unknown? What is out there for people like us? Who destroyed our planet and killed our homes. We are minuscule in the face of the endless, so there is no point in our meaningless existence.

There could be no greater point to living than breathing, then loving, then living.   

I disagree, we find meaning in our existence even if it’s small. We each have a purpose in our life that is worth it all. There could be no greater point to living than breathing, then loving, then living.   

Then even, in the end, if we all die? Even at the end, when your life is done, and you have thought the same way, ill you still be living with that mindset people say is comparable to being naive? Will you still stay with that same careless belief?

I cannot say for certain that I will always stay the way I want to be nor can I completely believe that it will not destroy me; however, maybe all I need to do is believe, because in the end not everything needs to be badly seen.