A love letter to those I’ve never known


Kiera Kemppainen

Did you see the sunset on this day too, or are we too far apart to share a view?

I miss you. I miss you more than the trees miss the sun on a cloudy day, more than they yearn for it during the winter. I miss you more than how badly the grass needs the rain—even more than the sun misses the moon.

But we’ve never met. I’ve never known you, and maybe I never will. 

I feel your presence in my life nonetheless. I hope to see you even just for a moment. I wish for you in my dreams so I know who to look for in the future. Yet the people in my dreams remain faceless. Perhaps they are you, and faceless they remain, so I cannot predict who will change my life. 

I hope that when we meet, it is like the sun and the moon during a solar eclipse. And maybe it’ll just be a fleeting moment, maybe it’ll leave little impact on our lives. Or maybe, the sun and the moon will stay as one in the starry sky: a meeting that will change everything. 

I step into every day knowing that whatever I do may impact who I meet in the future.

But no matter how long I’ll know you, I live my life for you. I step into every day knowing that whatever I do may impact who I meet in the future. Will it be you, or will it be someone else? Will I walk past you today, unknowingly? Or, are you miles and miles away? 

I seek solace in this discomfort. It bothers me to not know who you are. I don’t know why I live my life for you, whom I’ve never met. It would be easier to make every choice based on what I want at the moment. And I know that I won’t ever know who I’m bound to meet. I won’t ever know what could’ve been if I made a different choice. But somehow, I still am meticulous in my decisions. Will this bring me you? And as I write ‘you,’ I realize that I don’t know who I’m writing to.

That’s the beauty of this. 

No matter whom I meet, this letter holds true. I’ve been waiting for 16 years so far, and I will wait seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years more. 

And if I never meet the person on the other end of this screen, I’ve yearned for you in my life just as much. The moon and the earth have never truly met, but their impact on each other is lasting.

So, to those I’ve never met, and maybe never will, this is for you, now and forever.