Kaley Kaminski helps prepare cast and crew for spring musical as Assistant Student Director


When referring to FHC theater productions, there is no aspect that is easy. From the costume department, to the crew, to the cast themselves, an abundance of work is put into each and every show to make it the best it can be. To put on such performances, behind-the-scenes management is needed to keep everyone in check. One of the key leaders behind the curtains is junior Kaley Kaminski, who leads cast and crew through her position of assistant student director.

Kaley was “scouted” by theater director Robbin DeMeester her freshman year, after being in her English 9 class. DeMeester observed her during the year and saw qualities that made Kaley a perfect candidate for a future Student Director. After being approached by DeMeester with the proposition of being student director, Kaley trained during her sophomore year for the position. After a year of working on crew, she was promoted to Assistant Student Director, and will be replacing senior Emily Toppen as Student Director next year.

“I feel very honored to [be Assistant Student Director] because someone is trusting me to be in charge,” Kaley said. “It’s very humbling that I was chosen for this and I’m trusted for it. I really enjoy it and think it’s a huge compliment.”

Being in a high-ranking leadership position in the theater program means Kaley has a multitude of responsibilities. This includes running rehearsals, ensuring progress is being made on the show, helping with choreography and singing for musicals, leading the stage crew, and assisting crew and cast members alike when needed. One crew member she works closely with is sophomore Susannah Bennett, and she speaks highly of Kaley’s skills backstage.

“Kaley is super organized, which is perfect for an assistant student director; it keeps the order backstage,” Susannah said. “She also cares a lot about the program. She always wants to be there to answer questions or resolve any problems. She’s always on top of where she needs to be and when.”

Kaley is “reliable and organized,” according to Susannah, both of which are traits sought after for leaders in theater. Kaley will be using her leadership skills and qualities to prepare for the quickly approaching spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors.

Cast members, such as sophomore Ashlyn Fitch, are also working closely with Kaley to perfect Little Shop of Horrors before opening night.

“Kaley is always there to cheer us on and she cares so much about everyone,” Ashlyn said. “It’s been so nice to know that there is someone supporting me no matter what.”

Not only does the Assistant Student Director provide aid to cast and crew members emotionally, but technically as well. The work put in by people like Kaley does not go by unnoticed by the cast and crew.

“[Kaley] puts in so much work to make all the shows the best they can be,” Ashlyn said. ” She is always there to be the cheerleader when things go well, and help you figure out what to fix when things go wrong.”

Although the weeks leading up to opening night can be stressful, Kaley looks forward to the big night.

“Musical tends to [have] longer rehearsals, so there is less time for homework and that gets stressful,” Kaley said. “It is rewarding, but there are a lot of obstacles you have to jump over or push through to get to the award-winning end.”

The hard work put in by the cast and crew will be recognized during the performances, and all are excited to showcase their success. Kaley is no exception to these feelings and has faith in the abundance of effort being put into the production.

“[When people enjoy the show], it’s almost like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” Kaley said. “We want the audience to be happy and entertained. The cast has worked really hard to perfect everything early on so that they can just continue to keep making it better until it’s ready for the audience to absolutely love.”