Student parking frustrates students and administration alike

Student parking frustrates students and administration alike

Some call it the student parking lot; others call it a nightmare. The student parking lot is home to first-day drivers all the way to veteran drivers who have one to two years practice, and it’s horrendous. Most unnerving are the dysfunctional, hectic swerves and weaving through lanes as students are literally flooring it to make it to the first hour.

Security liaison Daane Spielmaker is frustrated with the liberties many students take with their parking habits.

“Students are blocking the roads, blocking the turnabouts. It’s a mess out there, all because students don’t want to park correctly,” Spielmaker said.

He has heard all the stories from students.

“A lot of students like to claim ignorance, meaning they like to ignore the fact that there is an overflow lot,” he said. “But I think it’s a matter of students preferring to not to park in the overflow lot because it is farther from the school.”

Too often, the unique parking methods lead to tickets or getting called out of class.

“They create spots,” assistant principal John DeStefano said. “They create their own spots and result in us having to give out tickets.”

Spielmaker things some changes in policy would help.

“I think that if we had the juniors and seniors park in front and the sophomores should park out back,” Spielmaker said. “I believe that having a separation of the grade will help the argument over parking spots.”

Separation of grades is exactly what some seniors want.

“Having a senior lot, just for seniors would solve all of the problems,” senior Tori Rhodes said. “It would be amazing to have more room not only for seniors but for everyone.”