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Ilma Seperovic
Ilma is entering her Senior year and has been on staff since her sophomore year. She writes a little bit of everything, but really enjoys writing profiles and features. When high school is over she wants to continue her passion for writing, and hopefully major in writing or journalism.

  • Favorite thing about being on staff: Getting to learn from the other staff members, and being able to work with such great group of people

  • Favorite type of story: Profiles/features

  • Hobbies/Interest: Reading and traveling

  • Favorite book and why: The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book shows a more realistic side to a love story and reflects not only Fitzgerald's own life but the life in the 1920's, a very interesting period in history.

  • It's a Friday night, you will probably find Ilma: Having a movie night with friends or at a sporting event

Ilma Seperovic , Staff Writer

May 19, 2017
How it started and ended (Story)
May 12, 2017
English teacher Ken George creates an outdoor classroom (Story)
May 10, 2017
Renewal Preview Q&A (Story)
May 10, 2017
Student parking frustrates students and administration alike (Story)
May 03, 2017
Reliving forgotten connections and relationships of the Class of 2017 (Story)
Apr 19, 2017
Milk and Honey: a genuinely raw cluster of poems (Story)
Apr 13, 2017
The significance of relationships, new and old (Story)
Mar 29, 2017
FHC has helped me succeed (Story)
Mar 15, 2017
The beauty of reading and withdrawing from reality (Story)
Mar 08, 2017
ASL’s Deaf for a Day is something all should experience (Story)
Feb 28, 2017
Team Managers: The hidden team members of FHC (Story)
Feb 22, 2017
Building a dream into a reality (Story)
Feb 16, 2017
A Different Outlook on Peaceful Protests (Story)
Feb 08, 2017
Online classes take over the Traditional Class system (Story)
Feb 01, 2017
I’m a confused mess in need of clarity for my future (Story)
Jan 25, 2017
FHC Teacher Cadet program is a rewarding experience (Story)
Dec 17, 2016
Bridge of Spies: an Amazing, Heart Wrenching Story (Story)
Dec 15, 2016
Communication class is everything I didn’t expect (Story)
Nov 23, 2016
Online Classes: Not For Me (Story)
Nov 21, 2016
Humans of New York: More Than a Book (Story)
Nov 06, 2016
4 Struggles of Senior Year (Story)
Nov 03, 2016
The Old Against the New (Story)
Sep 26, 2016
Apple: The Best Customer Experience (Story)
Sep 19, 2016
Finding My Home (Story)
Jun 10, 2016
Counseling Office Secretary Kathy Nibbelink announces her retirement (Story)
May 24, 2016
Rea Parocaran – Board secretary (Story)
May 24, 2016
Katie Knister – President of the student council board (Story)
May 23, 2016
Ellie Matelic – Junior Class President (Story)
May 19, 2016
Schindler’s List Flim Critique (Story)
May 10, 2016
FHC Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Elliott Pearce (Story)
May 03, 2016
The Cheesecake Factory: A Chicago Tradition (Story)
Apr 18, 2016
Questioning the Power of Hope at 2 a.m. (Story)
Mar 24, 2016
FHC Women’s Crew Rows Towards Success (Story)
Mar 15, 2016
A Few of My Favorite Places to Eat (Story)
Mar 09, 2016
Fisher: A One of a Kind Teacher (Story)
Mar 01, 2016
How am I expected to learn without making mistakes? (Story)
Feb 23, 2016
Michigan, Where’s Summer? (Story)
Feb 17, 2016
Spring Break in France? (Story)
Feb 09, 2016
Motivation for a Llama (Story)
Feb 02, 2016
Rainbow Kitten Surpise: An Indie, Alernative Gem (Story)
Jan 20, 2016
I’m a Mess Who Needs a Janitor. (Story)
Jan 15, 2016
Sam Dolphin: a Learner, a Professor, a One of a Kind Student (Story)
Jan 04, 2016
A Hockey Team or a Brotherhood? (Story)
Dec 16, 2015
Is Choir Underrated? (Story)
Dec 08, 2015
What I Learned in School (Story)
Dec 01, 2015
American Horror Story: Is It Worth the Terror? (Story)
Nov 24, 2015
Setting Myself up (Story)
Nov 17, 2015
Hannah Gavle: Her story of taking chances (Story)
Nov 08, 2015
Freaks and Geeks: A Preview Into The 80’s (Story)
Oct 29, 2015
The Fine Arts Center Hosts Molly Ringwald (Story)
Oct 26, 2015
FHC Spanish Students plan a trip to the Dominican for Summer 2016 (Story)
Oct 16, 2015
Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge (Story)
Oct 09, 2015
My Wallet is Crying (Story)
Oct 02, 2015
To Senior Year (Story)
Sep 25, 2015
Five and Filled with Questions (Story)
Sep 21, 2015
FHC welcomes new teachers (Story)
Sep 09, 2015
Miles Away (Story)
Sep 04, 2015
Camp Geneva: The Beginning of a Great Year for Seniors (Story)
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