Schindler’s List Flim Critique

Schindlers List Flim Critique

Ilma Seperovic, Staff Writer

I never thought Schindler’s list would move me emotionally as much as it did. I found myself many times reaching for the tissue box blotting tears away. There were scenes throughout the movie that stood out and scared the watcher’s mind never to leave them. Schindler’s List shows the harsh reality of the time period. The historical accuracy, acting, casting, and script was amazingly done with such care and thought by the director and actors. The movie throughout left me on the edge of my seat.


During the film when the women were shoved into the showers and thought they were going to be gassed out was very similar to real life. Jews were given soap then told to shower and as they walked in they would lock the doors leaving them inside to die. The rooms were pretty big to fit a huge number of people. But instead of giving them water, the majority of the time, they were given gas to kill them. The scene showed how the fear of this was very real in the actors completion, their expressions reflected upon the true horror of these situations. The shower room showed how gross, dim, and grungy it must have really been for the people. Generals would look into a peephole to see if the Jews were still alive and for the movie to show this peephole added a touch of reality to the scene.


The scene where the Jews were taken into the ghettos and their items/ bags were taken from them to be looked through, there was a man in that scene who was going through the items and found teeth in the bags. The emotions portrayed through the man’s face was unbelievably well done. He had a sense of hopelessness portrayed towards the people who were being impressed. His face showed true emotions of realization of how bad the situation for the Jews has gotten. It was like his head was a light switch, like as if  he was seeing first hand how badly the Jews were willing to go to survive. This perfectly represents how wonderful the acting was done throughout the movie.


The casting of the German general was scary well done. He had a sense of craziness to him that furthered the role even more. His posture, looks, and attitude was amazingly well done, the fear and intimation he held was very influencing to the watchers of the movie I felt like. He made me almost want to question his every move, scared that he will do something completely irrational to the other characters. The scene where he was beating the maid, honestly made me cringe, his behavior and expressions were too real for me. His movements were pushed with so much force he flew with a ton of emotions behind him. The whole bad guy thing suited him perfectly. I caught myself feeling for the other characters who fell upon his rule that’s how realistic he made it feel for me.
The script throughout the movie, I thought was very well done portrayed. There were many scenes where I was found on the brink of tears because the images and words in the movie was a bit too much for me. Towards the ending of the movie where Schindler was about to leave and falls upon a puddle of tears because he didn’t save as many people as he hoped was very powerful. He was yelling and crying that he could have done more to help more people was very moving. His words of  I could have traded the car, I could have given my ring, represented how desperate he was truly feeling to save those people. His character developed into a different image and seeing this experience of his character was truly amazing. I’m not sure if he was planning all along on saving the Jews but he did in the end which was great to watch. His words were wholesome something a lot of movies can tend to lack. Sure, words are just words but the representation of them and the performance with what really ties things together to produce an amazing movie, something this movie was fluorous with.