My Wallet is Crying


Waiting in line to pay for lunch, you can hear the open and close of the register and cannot help but physically cringe, thinking of all the money that it’s going to cost you for a simple lunch. It’s ridiculous, the amount of money that students and faculty spend on a simple lunch that consists of no more than the main dish, a side, a fruit, and a drink. The money some students have to spend on their lunch should able to buy three lunches, but in the cafeteria it only pays for one. Students, and, more importantly, parents, begin to wonder where is all that money is going And to top everything off, they don’t even sell breakfast or coffee. What the school really needs is cheaper food with a higher quality, along with breakfasts.

Money is a huge factor when it comes to buying food at FHC. The meal is $3.50, and, of course, you have to get a side so that’s going to cost more. Oh and don’t forget about the drink: that’s even more. All this adds up and costs a ton of money for the students and parents of this school. I’m not saying that the school should sell the food for free, but it should be sold for a reasonable price and a reasonable quality of food. When paying for food, students should feel like they are spending their money without regretting it. They should be getting the quality they deserve. Fifty dollars lasts me between a month and two months. I understand that this is not a significant number for two months and I should not have issues paying for this, but I do. I have an issue with this because of the quality of the food. It is basic and unhealthy, making me feel like I can spend money more wisely on food elsewhere.

Imagine this: Starbucks or Subway in the FHC cafe that would be amazing. I am late to class anyway every day because I stop on the way to get coffee.

Imagine this: Starbucks or Subway in the FHC cafe – that would be amazing. I am late to class anyway every day because I stop on the way to get coffee. Students wouldn’t mind spending the money because it’s something they enjoy and know will taste good. The school can make a lot of money off of this. More students would be willing to buy lunch which would profit the school and the sponsored company. Half the students at FHC are late every morning running to get coffee, so we might as well have it at school. This would be enjoyed not only by the students but also by the teachers: it cannot do anything but benefit the school. Subway is a healthy alternative food option that can bring joy to the teachers and students, as well as to their wallets. The school would gain an income and the sponsored company would too: win-win on both sides. Students could hold study dates in the morning over breakfast and coffee before school and even after school. Teachers could even get in on this too and hold meetings together over some great food and, of course, some coffee.

Spending is a big issue in the cafeteria. The choices of food are also a concern of many of the students. If the students and faculty are already spending a lot of money on low-quality items, they might as well spend that same money on something they really want. The school needs to start making better choices for the students that will benefit them as well as future students to come.