Player Profile: Micah Gschwind


Name: Micah Gschwind

Grade: 10

Sport: Soccer

What have you been doing to be successful on the soccer field?
“To be successful on the soccer field I have really tried to communicate with my teammates more. And stay as positive as I can no matter what.”
What is your reasoning behind playing soccer?
“I play soccer because my dad played in College and I’ve just always played since I was like 4 and have always loved it.”
Who or what has been your biggest inspiration throughout your athletic career?
“I have been inspired to be the best I can be by my parents, all the coaches I’ve had and the players I have gone up against that have pushed me to be better than ever so I can beat them the next time and improve as much as possible.”
Do you play on a travel team throughout the year if so what travel team is it, and is the style of play any different than high school ball?
“I do not currently play on a travel team but in past years I have played for Midwest United. I would say that the style of play is a bit different speed wise but other wise its pretty similar.”
How have you liked not only playing soccer here at FHC but being a student here as well?
“I have really enjoyed being a student and athlete here at FHC and really like the teachers and can’t wait for whats in the years ahead.”